DTP Personal Training London, Liverpool street. Experts in Fat Loss

Alex Myles

I would like to thank Jason Patmore at JDP Health & Fitness for his time and effort during my 12 weeks DTP training program. The training was hard work but enjoyable and the diet which was given to compliment the training was required to see the best results which were very noticeable along the way.

‘I felt motivated throughout and was always looking forward to my PT sessions. Training with Jason was an absolute pleasure.’

I am so impressed with the end result and i feel motivated to carry on training and also carring on eating well.

I would higly recommend jason’s approach to training to anyone who is looking to improve their health, lifestyle and appearance.

Kaan Ors Fat Loss, Liverpool Street, London. Experts in fitness

Kaan Ors

So, after training with Jason for four months I’m in the best shape of my 41 year life. I’ve lost fat, lots of it, I’m fitter and stronger than ever before and have realized that I couldn’t have done it alone. Jason took photos at the beginning and again at the end and it’s fair to say that I was gob smacked at the before and after photos and realized that all the hard work in the gym and the kitchen really paid off. Jason pushed me hard in the gym and ensured I ate properly with a meal plan in order to get the most out of our sessions together.

‘Once you experience the Jason’s PT sessions there’s really no turning back. Addictive and fun!’

A word of warning though, budget for a wardrobe of new clothes as absolutely nothing fits anymore!

Faisal Bashir Personal Trainer. Fat Loss program London

Faisal Bashir

Since deciding to have personal training with Jason at JDP Health & Fitness, i feel lighter, stonger and more energized. I’ve lost inches off my legs, arms and my waist. I have gone form a size 14 to a size 10 in 4 months!!

‘I was always very conscious about what i wore, my posture and the way i looked but i have gained so much confidence as a result of the training.’

Thank you jason. You have provided me with gym and health knowledge that I know will have a lifelong positive effect.

Now I see Jason once a week to ensure I am still on track. He always ensures we are sticking to plan and things are starting to get interesting. I have massively increased my strength, Fitness and most notably, my posture.

Jason has a trait that not a lot of Personal Trainers have, He know how hard to push me, when to push me!

12 week physique program, Personal Training Liverpool Street, London

Mathew Williams

Coming back from holiday I felt very relaxed but upset with how far I had let myself go. I had gained so much fat over the last few months, I knew I needed something to focus on to get myself back into shape. A 12 Week Body Transformation was in order and by having a clearly designed program, that was easy to follow, enabled me to just focus on the hard work in the gym and the kitchen. I really liked the way the program was broken down clearly into three distinct phases and this kept it interesting for me. As soon as my body started to adapt and get used to one training style my body would get challenged in a new way.

This meant I was never bored and constantly seeing results. By week 8 the abs were started to come through and I was very pleased with my hard work. I was back to how I was pre holiday. This was still with 4 weeks to go and that just inspired me even more to get in the best shape of my life. I honestly never believed I could have looked the way I did and I still find it hard to believe when I look at the photos. I would recommend this to anyone looking to get in the shape of your life.

Having a clearly defined route and a tangible goal made focusing and sticking to the target a simple task.

Rebecca Oakes Bikini Model Transformation London

Rebecca Oakes - Bikini Model

I contacted JDP Fitness early 2015. I was prepping for a bikini show with a major company. I was 5 weeks out and in the crucial stages of cutting and toning but really struggled for enthusiasm in the gym, This subsequently had a domino effect on my training, with both disciplines now becoming poor. I was not able to push myself, my diet was slipping…

I was booked into a PT session with Jason and he turned my attitude upside down, he really got the best out of me. Mixing up my workouts to keep me interested, pushing me to get results but always filling me with positivity. He also identified my weak points and we structured a training program on those for my own training.

Working with JDP Fitness has opened my mind to a whole new world and level of Fitness. Jason is by far the most educated Personal Trainer I have ever come across and he practices what he preaches, day in day out. There is no denying that this man understands how to make you work hard and get the results you want.

When I stepped on stage in April, I was proud and confident and knew that choosing Jason was the right decision. I was in the best shape I had ever been in my life, without doubt! I came second in my category for my first EVER show!

I would strongly recommend JDP Fitness, not just for their professionalism, but also for the studio environment, equipment and location!

Jason is very approachable and no question is a silly question. He is there to train you and educate you. 5 stars!!!

12 week Transformation, Liverpool Street, London

Pers Anders

I was relocated to London with my work and searched for a personal trainer in London who had all the credentials

Training with Jason has not only improved my physical wellbeing significantly, but it has also totally changed the way I see myself and my lifestyle.

‘I had many bad habits and felt tired most of the time before I began to train with Jason. Just after a month, I could see and feel a significant change, and even if I had to wake up earlier than before in order to get to my training sessions I felt more energised than ever.’

One of Jason’s greatest strength is his patience and ability to understand the specific needs and mindset of each and every client. This enables him to tailor the training in order to get the best out of you and ensure constant progress. Jason passion and knowledge really shines through in every session you have with him and he will do every thing he can to push and constantly challenge you.

I would recommend Jason to anyone that wants to improve their life quality and gain more confidence. Jason is not only a brilliant PT but also a great support and role model

Kimberliegh Parker Fat Loss Transformation

Kimberliegh Parker - Fat Loss

I started with Jason in August 2014, and have never looked back!!! 6months on, I have lost over a stone, gained incredible strength, become well defined & toned.
My whole outlook on life has changed, Not only exercise, but diet too..
The trainers at JDP Fitness knows there stuff, he takes a personal interest in helping me achieve my goals, and I can’t sing his praises enough.
I couldn’t recommend him more if you want to achieve goals that you think are unrealistic, Jason will get you there !!!
I can’t wait to see what my future achievements are going to be……..

Another 6 months on and I have lost another stone, I am in the best shape of my life!

I am the strongest, leanest and fittest I’ve ever been! The journey I am on will never end and this s only the beginning.

Thank you to JDP Fitness and all the trainers there for making this possible!

Heres to the next year!

12 week transformation

Ivana Hand - 12 Week Transformation

“Before I signed up for 12-weeks transformation with JDP Fitness, I had experience with both one-on-one and group training. I also trained regularly on my own for last two years. I drove myself towards getting a bikini-fitness-model body but did not know how to train to earn it. I mentioned it to my friend who referred me to JDP fitness studio. That is when I met Matt and Jason who introduced me 12weeks transformation program. It was a perfect timing! I knew it was a great opportunity for me to find my limits and discover whether I like training for fitness competitions and modelling.

I was used to hard training, loved finishing my workout session covered in sweat and feeling muscles (good) sore in the following day/s. Yet, I have never been able to see definition of my abdominals. Matt provided me a training plan that I found quite easy to follow outside of our one-on-one sessions. The only challenge I had to face was my shoulder injury that happened a month before I started the transformation program. Matt offered me a couple of exercise solutions and variances. Yet, I had to stay away from majority of shoulder & chest exercises. It was very frustrating!

My body transformation was effective mainly due to strict diet – when meal-planning and weighing macro nutrients came into play. I required lot of self-discipline and organisation. The very last two weeks before “Day D” were the toughest ever! At that time you need to push yourself over your state of mind, mood and ignore voice of your body. I was literally counting down days to the photo-shoot. I was lucky that Matt was unbelievably supportive. I needed it more than ever! I could not be more grateful for his text messages checking on me. He kept reminding me “it will be worth it”. I admit I had doubts and lacked on diet a bit when I very struggled with my energy level to simply function. On the final day I wished I had followed the diet on 100% as the results would have been even better. I take it as an awesome experience when I learnt that I can overcome my limits. The final message I got from this experience is “there are no limits; we make them up”

Body Transformation, Liverpool Street , London

Assad Negyal - 12 Week Transformation

“I’ve lost weight whilst gaining strength, stamina and resilience thanks to intelligently customised training by Jason. The more I’ve trained with JDP Fitness, the more I’ve enjoyed it!
I had had my blood tested exactly one day before my first ever training session with JDP Fitness back in February so I could track the change  😉.

In February, my “total cholesterol to HDL” ratio was a whopping 7.5 whereas now it is 4.89.
NHS generally recommends that ratio should be below 4, and preferably below 3.5 to be healthy.

My total cholesterol level (Good plus bad) is now 4.5 mmol/L. NHS guidelines say it should be “5 mmol/L or less for heathy adults or 4 mmol/L or less for those at high risk”. I have a history of heart disease and diabetes in my family, so I should aim for 4.  But it’s the first time in years I have been below 5 actually.

Also, my liver enzyme ALT levels were tested in February and came to 58 (units per litre). The doctor said it probably was resulting from too much fat stored in the liver (steatosis).

Now that I’ve lost weight (which will have reduced some of the fat levels in the liver too), ALT has improved to 44.  The Healthy range is considered to be 7 to 56 so I have now been brought back into the “safe zone”

So there is the medical confirmation!

I have give JDP Fitness a lot of the credit for helping me get to this point because i honestly hadn’t managed to control my cholesterol for years”