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JDP Online Personal Training Services

We pride our selves on delivering the best service, while exceeding all your expectations. Our Online Personal Training Programs are designed around your busy lifestyle, which makes helping you achieve your goals more enjoyable!

We know that every person is different; everyone has something they don’t enjoy, something they love, something that restricts them from completing a certain movement and something that doesn’t agree with their lifestyle. So generic programs are not used at JDP Fitness.

With years of combined experience, 10,000+ sessions and success stories to prove it, JDP Fitness can cater for any specific need. From fat loss, building muscle, increasing fitness or training for a specific event, JDP Fitness has encountered it!

To achieve any diet or fitness plan you need to remember that consistency is key. Within the Online Personal Training our nutrition and training programs, we make this possible. There is no fad training, no fasting and no crazy diets; just the correct nutrition and exercise planning that will help you meet your goals.

We simply have Two Programs – Fat Loss and Strength Training. This keeps things simple.

Click on the links below to find out more about the programs and we”ll look forward to hearing from you soon!

JDP Fitness is changing the face of Online Personal Training.


'I would strongly recommend JDP Fitness, not just for their professionalism, but also for the studio environment, equipment and location!'

Bex J Oakes

'Since deciding to have Personal Training at JDP Health & Fitness, I feel lighter, stronger and more energized. I've lost inches off my legs, arms and my waist. I have gone from a size 14 to a size 10 in 4 months!!'

Amrit Sira

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