Muscle and Physique Personal Training Package

Muscle and Physique Personal Training Package.

Our Muscle and Physique Personal Training Package is perfect for any London City worker based in Liverpool Street seeking to create a body to rival any fitness model. The muscle and physique package is not for the faint hearted and requires 100% focus and dedication but the results will be 100% worth it. Our Personal Trainers will lead you through carefully structured plan, bespoke to you, with the end result being a chiselled muscular physique. The Personal Trainers at JDP Health & Fitness are the perfect experts for you as they have lived and experienced this on themselves.

The muscle and physique Personal Training Package will lead to an increase in muscle size and definition as well as strength gains leaving you with an impressive aesthetic physique. The structured plan is designed around sessions you will undertake with a JDP Personal Trainer as well as all of your sessions to be completed individually. All of this is bespoke to you and will lead to any areas of weakness becoming a strength and rewarding you with a proportionate and symmetrical physique. Due to the entire muscle and physique program being designed by us for you it means it is perfect for even the busiest London City worker. All that if left for you to focus on is building that muscular physique you have been dreaming of.

Building a more muscular, but leaner physique requires a demanding combination of hard work and quality calories. Our Personal Trainers will not just design your training diary and assist you in completing it, they will also design your entire nutrition plan. Building the type of physique that will leave everyone you know jealous doesn’t just require extreme dedication in the gym but also in the food you eat. By having the entire program designed for you, down to each gram of macronutrient, guarantees that our London City clients can stick rigidly to the plan.

The Muscle and Physique Personal Training Package will help you:

Build Muscle
Get Shredded
Build up weak points
Increase Strength
Drop Body Fat

We will be with you every step of the way along the journey because our Personal Trainers have experienced everything that you will go through during the muscle and physique package.

If you work in City, come in and have a chat with us. we cater for all abilities in our Muscle and Physique Package. We have clients from Liverpool Street, St Pauls, Moorgate and Bank. Your never too far away!

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Package Pricing

5 Pack
£65 / session
5 x PT Sessions
10 Pack
£60 / session
10 x PT Sessions
20 Pack
£55 / session
20 x PT Sessions

Muscle and Physique Program Benefits


Shocks your body into growing new, solid muscle


Workouts are so intense, they Increase your metabolism


We will focus on your weak areas, creating a balance


Our program will focus on your strength first

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