Matt Williams - 12 week Physique Program

Physique 12 week Program


Matt came to JDP Health & Fitness following a 4 week holiday in Australia. Unsurprisingly, during his holiday Matt had participated in very little physical activity and consumed large amounts of food and drink. This led to Matt stepping on the scales at the heaviest weight of his life at 81kg. It was clear that he needed to do something very quickly about this. So we put him on our signature 12 week transformation package to not just get him back in shape but to get him in the best shape of his life.


The 12 week blueprint that Matt went through is broken down into 3 phrases. The first phase is a High Volume lifting phase. We split the days up into body parts and each day the workouts consist of high reps and supersets. This is so we can get a lot of volume into the sessions in a short space of time. We also want to shock the body by targeting not just the larger type 2 muscle fibres but also the type 1 muscle fibres.


The second phase, commencing in week 5, lowers the volume quite considerably but increases the weight. The rep range shortens to 8-12 repetitions but the weights go up to 70-80% 1RM. We also increase the cardio session frequency during this phase as we want the body to begin leaning out and burning fat constantly.


The final two weeks are phase three. Again the cardio frequency and length is increased however the duration and frequency of resistance workouts is reduced. As we lower the calories during the final two weeks, to obtain the chiselled look we are after, it becomes harder to keep performing in the gym. Our depletion workouts are cleverly designed to enable you to get the most from the workouts whilst in a calorie deficit.


Alongside the full 12 week transformation training blueprint we provided Matt with a breakdown of his macronutrient content. If the handwork in the gym is not complimented by good quality nutrition then you will fail to see results. Again the nutritional guidelines are split into three phases and compliment the training that we are putting in.


By the end of the 12 week program Matt was in the best shape of his life and had lost just under 2 stones but maintained large amounts of lean muscle. As you can see from the before and after photos the results are amazing for such a short time frame.



Matt’s nutrition was key also. He maintained a constant cycle of calories with a perfect macro breakdown supplied by JDP Fitness. The key to Matt’s nutrition was to consume the majority of his Carbohydrates post workout.

Matt had a cheat meal every 2 weeks.

Total Kcal 2295

Protein 230g

Carbohydrates 172g

Fat 75g

12 week physique program, Personal Training Liverpool Street, London

Matt's Testimonial

“Coming back from holiday I felt very relaxed but upset with how far I had let myself go. I knew I needed something to focus on to get myself back into shape. By having a clearly designed program, that was easy to follow, enabled me to just focus on the hard work in the gym and the kitchen. I really liked the way the program was broken down clearly into three distinct phases and this kept it interesting for me. As soon as my body started to adapt and get used to one training style my body would get challenged in a new way. This meant I was never bored and constantly seeing results. By week 8 the abs were started to come through and I was very pleased with my hard work. I was back to how I was pre holiday. This was still with 4 weeks to go and that just inspired me even more to get in the best shape of my life. I honestly never believed I could have looked the way I did and I still find it hard to believe when I look at the photos. I would recommend this to anyone looking to get in the shape of your life. Having a clearly defined route and a tangible goal made focusing and sticking to the target a simple task.”

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