Mark Crowhurst - 12 Week Transformation

12 Week Transformation Programe


Training Mark was an absolute dream!

Mark came to JDP Fitness to change his body in 12 weeks!

Marks 12 week transformation program consisted of a 3 monthly split. Featuring high volume and strength based training.

Mark approached every session knowing exactly what was required of him that hour. 

Mark trained with Matt three times a week.


Marks nutrition was key. He maintained a constant cycle of calories with a perfect macro breakdown supplied by JDP Fitness. The key to Marks nutrition was consistency. Mark has a job where he is in and out of the office a lot, therefor, eating correctly and consistently would be the issue.

Mark had 1 cheat meal every week.

Total Kcal 2370

Protein 237g

Carbohydrates 178g

Fat 77g

12 Week Transformation

Alex's Testimonial

“Having trained for many, many years I was always in ‘ok’ shape, the gym part was always the relatively easy part but it did get to a point where it was just running through the motions and not having a real tangible goal to focus towards. That’s where Matt and JDP came in to the mix, with a full training plan everyday for the entire 12 weeks but as mentioned it had to be more than training, so the full daily meal plan that was also provided, I think, was the real key to my transformation. I have ended up in the best shape of my life and couldn’t be more thrilled. The continued support and checkins from Matt really helped keep the focus plus the direct support during our sessions pushing out the extra reps and making sure to give your best until the final minute. It was tough but i had a date in mind and with support of friends, family and the JDP trainers finally the 12 weeks came to an end. My plan now is to hold on to the condition I am in and try to put on some more size and muscle. Thanks again to Matt and JDP Fitness”

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