Kaan Ors - Fat loss

Fat Loss 18 week Program


Training Kaan was an absolute pleasure.

Kaan had many goals, to be fitter, leaner and stronger.

This made our life pretty simple. To design a program that had four cycles, with every cycle complimenting itself. Strength, Power and Endurance.

During Kaan’s time with JDP Fitness, he hit personal bests on a regular basis.

Kaan still maintains his diet, with more Kcal now of course to maintain his new muscle!


Kaan nutrition was key also. He maintained a constant cycle of calories with a perfect macro breakdown supplied by JDP Fitness. The key to Kaan nutrition was to consume his meals throughout the day as he has a manual job that required energy throughout the day.

Kaan had a cheat meal every week.

Total Kcal 2592

Protein 259g

Carbohydrates 194g

Fat 84g

Kaan Ors Fat Loss, Liverpool Street, London. Experts in fitness

Kaan's Testimonial

So, after training with Jason for four months I’m in the best shape of my 41 year life. I’m fitter and stronger than ever before and have realized that I couldn’t have done it alone. Jason took photos at the beginning and again at the end and it’s fair to say that I was gob smacked at the before and after photos and realized that all the hard work in the gym and the kitchen really paid off. Jason pushed me hard in the gym and ensured I ate properly with a meal plan in order to get the most out of our sessions together.
‘Once you experience the Jason PT sessions there’s really no turning back. Addictive and fun!’

After four months I was set free and continued working out in my gym at work but after about six weeks I was back with Jason once a week as I actually missed my punishing sessions and thrive on being pushed to my absolute limits.

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