Jason Patmore - Personal Trainer,Liverpool Street, London


Founder & lead Personal Trainer, Liverpool Street, London.

Age: 31

Claim to fame: Tackled Prince Harry on the rugby pitch while serving for HM Forces.

Jason is knowledgable and dedicated London based Personal Trainer who will help you achieve your goals even around your busy lifstyle.

“He has a thirst for knowledge and keeps current on all nutrition and exercise research to ensure all his clients are achieving optimal results.”

Jason is an ex-army physical training instructor who served in Afghanistan and Iraq. During his time in the HM Forces he job was to work helping numerous soliders in their fight to improve or maintain their fitness. He also conducted rehabilitation support training to soliders returning from Afghanistan and Iraq with a plethora of injuries and disabilities. Jason has also planned and led groups of all abilities on expeditions worldwide.

Since his time at JDP Fitness, Jason has trained and coached hundreds of clients. Ranging form Fat Loss to competition prep.

Jason has competed in numerous physique modeling competitions including WBFF at the O2.

Jason believes that there are many ways to skin a cat, but the best results he has seen changing body compositions and cardiovascular health, has been with a balanced strength and condition program. Lifting for strength specifcally creates longer lasting, functional and desirable results often triggering a natural shift on a clients lifestyle.

Jason adopts a constantly evolving strength training system, identifying it as a layer like cake for clients:

Base training, focusing on working towards achieving maximal functional lfts like the deadlift, squat and presses, because developing basic human movement is critical to any sport or goal, compound lifts build strong, lean muscle like nothing else.
Middle layer; body weight exercise and mobility work to shore up any weaknesses and develop greater flexibility.
Topping; conditioning work, to develop energy systems, influence weight. Management and challenging balance and agility.

For Personal Training in Liverpool Street, St Pauls, Moorgate contact Jason.


Level 3 Personal Trainer
Level 3 Sports Massage
Kettlebell Instructor
Spin Instructor
DTP Instructor

Jason Patmore personal Trainer london. Liverpool Street. Experts in Fat loss


'I felt motivated throughout and was looking forward to my PT sessions. Training with jason was an absolute pleasure'

Alex Myles

'I would strongly recommend JDP Fitness, not just for their professionalism, but also for the studio environment, equipment and location!'

Bex J Oakes

'Since deciding to have Personal Training at JDP Health & Fitness, I feel lighter, stronger and more energized. I've lost inches off my legs, arms and my waist. I have gone from a size 14 to a size 10 in 4 months!!'

Amrit Sira

'Training with Jackson was SO easy. He was very particular in everything he gave me. From Program design to Nutrition, I knew exactly what I was doing'

James.C - Newcastle


Body Building

Bodybuilding is the use of progressive resistance exercise to control and develop one's muscular features

Fat Loss

The ability to lose fat while maintaining muscle

Sport Specific

The ability to train for a specific sport using resistance, Power and Agility.


Designed to rapidly transform your body composition whilst upgrading your health.

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