HIIT Personal Training Package

HIIT Personal Training Package.

30 minute Personal Training sessions in Liverpool Street.

Our Personal Trainers deliver a HIIT Package in London and it is perfect for anybody in Liverpool Street looking to both lose fat and to tone up with sessions burning up to 1000 calories. Our Personal Trainers have experienced amazing results, especially with busy London corporate workers, finding that HIIT training fits seamlessly into their busy lives. HIIT training, or High Intensity Interval Training, is a training technique that allows the client to give 100% all out effort followed by short recovery periods. This style of training allows the client to get the heart rate up and keep it high throughout the entire HIIT Personal Training session. This style of training means the body will burn more fat and will continue to burn fat for you long after the session is finished. Scientific studies have shown that HIIT Personal Training sessions can boost your metabolism for up to 48 hours after you finish. It is these benefits that have made it such a “hiit” amongst our busy London City clientele.

But it is not only fat loss you will experience. Because the sessions are completed with not just bodyweight but with functional equipment, it is perfect for any London office worker looking to increase muscle tone. Our personal trainers are expertise of kettle bells, TRX, medicine balls and Vipr’s ensuring they will guide you through a constantly evolving workout that will never leave you bored.

These sessions combine the benefits of both cardiovascular training and weight training and are structured to match a clients individual needs and experience. This guarantees that anybody can have an effective workout regardless of their experience in the gym. As you progress through the package, week by week, you will be encouraged to consistently test yourself with more technical exercises to constantly challenge your body.

Alongside this, and to compliment your HIIT Personal training session, you will be given guidance on a structured eating plan from one of our expert Personal Trainers. The Personal Trainers at JDP Fitness are all to aware of the life the typical City worker goes through so we design bespoke packages for all of our clients.

If you work in City, come in and have a chat with us. we cater for all abilities in our HIIT Personal Training Package. We have clients from Liverpool Street, St Pauls, Moorgate and Bank. Your never too far away!

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Package Pricing

5 Pack
£45 / session
5 x PT Sessions
10 Pack
£40 / session
10 x PT Sessions
20 Pack
£35 / session
20 x PT Sessions

HIIT Program Benefits


HIIT Training is the ideal workout for someone with a busy schedule.

Increased Fat Loss

Studies show that HIIT workouts keep your body burning fat for 24hrs

Increases Metabolism

HIIT Training stimulates Human Growth Hormone up to 450%

Great for your Heart

HIIT increases the size of your arteries and veins, increasing blood flow.

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'I felt motivated throughout and was looking forward to my PT sessions. Training with jason was an absolute pleasure'

Alex Myles

'I would strongly recommend JDP Fitness, not just for their professionalism, but also for the studio environment, equipment and location!'

Bex J Oakes