Group Personal Training Package

Group Personal Training Package, Liverpool Street.

We know how hard it is sometimes to make the plunge into Personal Training alone. Wherever you will feel more comfortable training with a familiar friendly face there with you or its a more finically sound option, we totally understand!

So we have a ‘Group Personal Training’ option.

We wanted to deliver a group training program without losing the quality of the service. So we have introduced this new package.

Whether you are completely new to the fitness game, or an advanced pro athlete, our expert team at JDP Fitness have been recruited for their passion for fitness and natural ability to deliver our bespoke small group programs in order to help you achieve your goals, together.

During your Group Personal Training sessions, you will be pushed as hard as you have ever been! Stimulating muscles, increasing your hear rate and increasing your metabolism!

Our Group Personal Training Programs are designed to burn Fat, Increase Muscle and make you feel amazing, together!

We use Kettle bells, Dumbbells, TRX and Bodyweight circuits to get the most from your training session! You’ll never be bored!

So if you live or work in Liverpool Street, Aldgate, Moorgate or St Pauls, grab your friend, family member or work colleague and give us a call to try out new Group Personal Training Program!

Group Personal Training

Package Pricing

5 Pack
£90 Per Session
5 x PT Sessions
10 Pack
£80 Per Session
10 x PT Sessions
20 Pack
£70 Per Session
20 x PT Sessions

Group Personal Training Program Benefits


Skipping workouts and leaving your partner to take the strain......


Mixing up the workouts and keeping it fresh!


Sharing the pain of the workout and the strain of the of the cost!


Push yourself against yourself and your Partner!

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