Fat Loss Personal Training Package

Fat Loss Personal Training Package, Liverpool Street.

The Fat Loss Personal Training Package delivered at the Liverpool Street Studio is JDP Fitness best selling package.

Our London based Personal Trainers pride them selves on the results they have given to the Busy City workers in London. Our Personal Trainers have all been through the Fat Loss journey the clients undertake when they start this package, so its safe to say, your in great hands!

The Personal Trainers at JDP Fitness are all to aware of the life the typical City worker goes through. working lunches, client drinks and the occasional ‘I had no time to eat, it was the easiest thing I could find’ stories….So we designed the Fat Loss bespoke program around EVERY different person, for every scenario.

The package concentrates on the importance of losing body fat rather than losing weight; a loss in weight could mean a loss in muscle tissue or water. To make sure of this, we use various measurements to give an accurate reading of your body composition. From there we then begin to set goals and tailor a bespoke workout programme.

The aim of the Fat Loss program is to stimulate as much muscle as possible throughout the workout while ensuring metabolism is sky high! Rest times will be short and sweat will be pouring! Fat Loss will literally be in its prime!

At least seventy percent of your program begins in the kitchen! So we will outline a structured eating plan along with guidelines for you to aid in your fat loss journey. You will be educated in the calculation of calories, where they come from and when you should eat them. You will also be given the JDP Beginners guide to Fat Loss E-Book, outlining basic fundamentals, complementing The Fat Loss Package.

If you work in City, come in and have a cha with us. we cater for all types in our Package. We have clients from Liverpool Street, St Pauls, Moorgate and Bank. Your never too far away!

fat loss personal training package, Liverpool Street. London

Package Pricing

5 Pack
£77.50 per Session
5 x PT Sessions
10 Pack
£65 per Session
10 x PT Sessions
20 Pack
£63 per Session
20 x PT Sessions

Fat Loss Program Benefits

Nutrition Plan

You'll receive a bespoke Nutrition and Supplement plan to aid your Fat Loss


Our Programs will not only help you burn Fat, but increase you Fitness simultaneously


Our Programs are designed to keep you interested and your toes!


We've proved it in the past!, check out our testimonials.

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