DTP Personal Training Package

London’s DTP Personal Training program.

Our DTP Personal Training Package is delivered in the Liverpool Street Personal Training Studio.

DTP or “Dramatic Transformation Principles” is a training system with one thing in mind, to rapidly transform your body composition whilst upgrading your health simultaneously. Maximal effort during the sessions and 100% intensity are the corner stones to which DTP is based! With a massive emphasis focused on forcing your body beyond its limits!

DTP employs a variation in repetition ranges within a workout, working antagonistic (opposite) muscle groups in the same workout. Session will normally be completed in just under an hour with only three resistant sessions planned per week.

You will build muscle. You’ll be anabolic, but you’ll also rev your metabolism.

DTP will shock your body, and you will grow.

During a DTP Personal Training session, you will be exposed to a repetition variation which are typically 50, 40, 30, 20, 10 reps. As the rep ranges decrease, the weight is increased, similar to pyramid training.
Once you’ve completed the the first 5 sets you then reverse the process, going back down the pyramid, typically 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, decreasing the weight set by set.

Through your DTP Personal Training workouts, as your starting with the high rep range and short rest periods, your Type I muscle fibers will be getting a hit. Then, as the weight is increased and the rep ranges are less, you’ll be hitting your Type II muscle fibers

People say that high reps range workouts won’t build muscle. During your DTP Personal Training session, is most defiantly not the case! You WILL build muscle, but more importantly, you will also build muscle density. During your 12 weeks you’ll recieve full nutrition and shopping guides, the all important rest/cardio day directions.

This is most probably the hardest training program you will be exposed too, having a DTP Personal Trainer pushing you to your limits is the ONLY way you will get through this!


Delivered in Liverpool Street, Bank, St Pauls and Moorgate.

fat loss personal training package, Liverpool Street. London

Package Pricing

4 Week
3 x PT Sessions / Week
Personalised Nutrition Plan
8 Week
3 x PT Sessions / Week
Personalised Nutrition Plan
Home Workouts
12 Week
3 x PT Sessions / Week
Personalised Nutrition Plan
Home Workouts
Photo Shoot

DTP Program Benefits


We count your first set as a war up set, saving time and energy


The DTP Program is intense, you'll burn fat while building muscle!


The DTP workout only takes 45 minutes each session, saving valuable time.


High reps before the low reps lowers stress on your tendons and joints.

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'I felt motivated throughout and was looking forward to my PT sessions. Training with jason was an absolute pleasure'

Alex Myles

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