Clifford Okorji - Personal Trainer, London

Clifford Okorji

Personal Trainer Liverpool Street. London.

Age: 32


With thousands of hours delivering world-class personal coaching, running workshops and mentoring personal trainers, Clifford has continually shown the drive to elevate his clients to new levels of health and fitness.
Clifford truly believes in self-empowerment, therefore his philosophy is aimed to help his clients cut through all the misleading information, dispelling fact from fiction. He aims to develop sustainable choices needed to create a body that has that strength, balance and athleticism. Using experience with an evidence-based approach you’ll be training smart and making good choices adopting new lifestyle and habit changes that will support you well into the future. 
Personal Training, Liverpool Street


'I felt motivated throughout and was looking forward to my PT sessions. Training with jason was an absolute pleasure'

Alex Myles

'I would strongly recommend JDP Fitness, not just for their professionalism, but also for the studio environment, equipment and location!'

Bex J Oakes

'Since deciding to have Personal Training at JDP Health & Fitness, I feel lighter, stronger and more energized. I've lost inches off my legs, arms and my waist. I have gone from a size 14 to a size 10 in 4 months!!'

Amrit Sira

'Training with Jackson was SO easy. He was very particular in everything he gave me. From Program design to Nutrition, I knew exactly what I was doing'

James.C - Newcastle


Strength & Conditioning

Encompassing the entire development of a client and what is needed to improve physical performance

Fat Loss

The ability to lose fat while maintaining muscle

Sport Specific

The ability to train for a specific sport using resistance, Power and Agility.


Qualified to give in depth Nutritional Advice

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