Alex Myles - DTP

DTP 12 Week Program


Training Alex was very enjoyable!

Alex came to JDP Fitness with one goal, to be shredded!

We used the DTP program as we thought this would suit Alex’s goals.

During Alex’s program we all added a lot of correctional exercises to finish the session. As you can see by the before pictures, Alex had slight Kyphosis.

Alex approached every session knowing exactly what was required of him that hour.  Alex took all that DTP could throw at him and more!


Alex’s nutrition was key also. He maintained a constant cycle of calories with a perfect macro breakdown supplied by JDP Fitness. The key to Alex’s nutrition was consistency. Alex has a job where he is in and out of the office a lot, therefor, eating correctly and consistently would be the issue.

Alex had 1 cheat meal every week.

Total Kcal 2700

Protein 270g

Carbohydrates 203g

Fat 88g

DTP Personal Training London, Liverpool street. Experts in Fat Loss

Alex's Testimonial

I would like to thank Jason Patmore at JDP Health & Fitness for his time and effort during my 12 weeks DTP training program. The training was hard work but enjoyable and the diet which was given to compliment the training was required to see the best results which were very noticeable along the way.
‘I felt motivated throughout and was always looking forward to my PT sessions. Training with jason was an absolute pleasure.’
I am so impressed with the end result and i feel motivated to carry on training and also carring on eating well.
I would higly recommend jason’s approach to training to anyone who is looking to improve their health, lifestyle and appearance..

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