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So you are thinking about joining a gym, boutique or fitness class but are unsure of which to try and give your hard earned money too? Well our list of the good, the bad and the ugly of some of London’s top fitness hotspots should help you out. 

Barry’s Bootcamp

The self proclaimed “best workout in the world”, their high intensity sprint and weight workouts can burn up to 100kcal in one hour. 

Good- Awesome workout and sweat. Banging tunes and excellent vibe.

Bad- You have to be fit to attend, no real regressions and lots of running.

Ugly- 1 trainer to 40 customers in 1 class.

Muscleworks Gym  

Muscle works gym is home to some of the countries best bodybuilders and is a Mecca for bodybuilding and weightlifting in London

Good- Old school bodybuilding feeling and unlimited equipment. 

Bad- Can to some people have an intimidating vibe if you are a beginner. 

Ugly- Very spit and sawdust- sometimes dirty.

F45 Training

Their studios all over the world offer a 45 minute High-Intensity, Circuit Training workout class for its studio members

Good- The worlds fastest growing fitness franchise with a popular and effective workout

Bad- Set number of stations and after a couple of weeks can get repetitive. 

Ugly- With its popularity comes waiting lists which can make getting the most from your membership hard.


Psycle is a premium boutique fitness brand that offers a collection of class based workouts across London. 

Good- One of the best spin classes in London with great classes and well fitted out studios. 

Bad- 1-1 instruction once you are on the bike can become limited leading to poor cycling technique and a lack of understanding of the correct resistance. 

Ugly- You could struggle with a bit of diversity in your membership unless you want barre classes too.

Pure Gym

Their 24 hour gyms are designed with every customer in mind, from low-cost flexible memberships, to the huge selection of kit available.

Good- Loads of sites all over London and so much equipment to choose from. 

Bad- Budget prices can sometimes lead to a budget feel. 

Ugly- Due to the low price model the gyms can become very crowded at peak times.

JDP Health & Fitness

Located in the heart of City of London and only a 5 minute walk from Liverpool Street, JDP Fitness delivers bespoke Personal Training packages over two floors in their private London PT studio.

Good- Excellent Personal Training in the heart of the city of London delivering bespoke 1-1 training. 

Bad- Great equipment although with space in London limited is slightly smaller than other PT studios. 

Ugly- Due to its popularity it can sometimes be hard to book a session at peak time. 

Personal Training, Liverpool Street

The Foundry

The Foundry is a results-driven fitness concept offering classes and small group personal training with a base of strongman training.

Good- The best variety of strongman and powerlifting equipment in London. 

Bad- Due to the nature of the gym is not always the cleanest. Maybe not the best spot for your new white lululemon leggings. 

Ugly- Due to a lack of time in the classes sometimes the teaching of complex strongman techniques can be a little rushed.


Born out of the mantra that getting fit shouldn’t be a chore. Frame has been dishing out sweet endorphins through its dance and fitness classes since 2009. 

Good- One of the most original and diverse studios in London with a wide range of dance and fitness classes. 

Bad- Is not the most welcoming studio in terms of brand and marketing to male members. 

Ugly- Due to its popularity at peak times it can be hard to book onto classes.

1 Rebel

The self proclaimed “King of Gyms”, 1 Rebel is a funky, modern boutique fitness studio for young professionals in London.

Good- One of the most high tech and highly invested in boutique studios in London is has top of the range equipment and the best changing rooms in London. 

Bad- Large class sizes mean sometimes you can get lost in the crowd. 

Ugly- to get the most from your membership you need to go to similar classes a lot, otherwise it becomes quite expensive quickly.

author: Matt Williams


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