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TEAM JDP Fitness is here to provide you with all the info you need on the newest fitness trends of 2019. 

Don’t know the difference between a P45 and F45. Don’t worry, we have got you covered. We have put together a summary of the newest fitness trends and fads coming to a studio/ living room near you very soon. This will enable you to stay ahead of the curve when you are catching up with your gym buddies over a post workout shake. 

Personal Training, Liverpool Street

We’ve rounded up the workout crazes and fads you can look forward to sweating your way through this year. 

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The new name in HIIT training world wide is F45. The Aussie phenomenon is now taking the UK by storm. Having become popular down under over the last few years it is now set for world domination. It bridges the gap between one-on-one personal training sessions and fitness classes with its high-intensity circuits. Every F45 studio in the world runs the exact same 45-minute class each day, which alternate between HIIT-style cardio, strength training, or a no-nonsense hybrid mixture of the two.

Personal Training, Liverpool Street


Good news, people! According to ClassPass’s yearly report, more of us are booking classes that are 45 minutes or less. Who has time to spend two hours at the gym any way? They reckon this trend will continue to rise in 2019, too.

Personal Training, Liverpool Street

We’ve already seen this with the rise of high-intensity interval training (or HIIT) in the past few years. Shorter workouts can be just as effective at transforming the body as longer workouts. In fact, these types of workouts have been proven to offer the quickest results. Plus, you don’t have to carve out so much time to work out, meaning you’re less likely to skip a class.


Over the past three years, wellness festivals have become big business, and look set to grow even more in 2019.

Personal Training, Liverpool Street

From LoveFit (three days of adrenaline-inducing fitness followed by boutique after parties) to BLOK’s seven day fiesta in Bordeaux – there’s a lot to pick from. Others include Sweatlife, Soul Circus, Festival No.6 and FloVibe, which combine great music with healthy eating, mindfulness and workouts such as yoga and pilates. For those looking for something more adventurous why not try the annual JDP Fitness Adventure retreat in the Pyrenees.


After an intense gym session, you might not want to crack open your laptop and ping off emails. But bear with us. More and more gyms have carved out a space where you can sit down, grab a coffee and do some work. It’s happening the other way, too. More and more work spaces are incorporating fitness into their offerings. 

Personal Training, Liverpool Street


Back in September, New York-based cycling sensation Peloton landed in London. It’s a billion pound fitness company that’s taking the indoor cycling world by storm with high-tech, £1500 at-home spinning bikes.

Each Peloton bike is equipped with a 22-inch HD sweat-proof touchscreen which lets you tune in and experience 14 daily live and 8000+ on-demand classes, without having to leave your house.

Personal Training, Liverpool Street

Reckon you’d slack without an instructor? We thought the same, but, actually, the trainers are so enthusiastic their energy is catching. Plus, the session has been recorded in a room of people who are also working out – not only are your energy levels are up but you also (sort of) feel like you’re at the gym anyway.

If you’d prefer something UK-based, Fiit is an interactive online platform offering consumers nationwide exclusive access to train with Britain’s top personal trainers.

The platform enables exercise-goers to choose from a variety of specialist classes — from HIIT to Hatha — taught by fitness instructors, via a mobile application that connects to the TV. As a new form of connective fitness, a strap worn across the chest tracks performance and allows clients to compete against themselves and others around the world.


Meanwhile, hotels and airports are responding to consumers’ increasing need for on-demand fitness options by integrating workouts into their offers for travellers.

Startups ROAM Fitness and FlyFit Global offer workout facilities behind several airport securities, with the latter announcing its launch in Heathrow airport last year. Meanwhile, Sanctifly, offers a members’ club that allows travellers to book airport hotel gyms and other wellness facilities.

Peloton has also launched spin bike services to be dropped off to guest rooms in Westin hotel, while Hilton’s ‘Five Feet to Fitness’ programme offers in-room gyms for hotel guests.


We’re not sure about you, but it’s near impossible to keep track of what supplements, multivitamins and protein shakes we’re meant to be taking on a daily basis, given the fact we hear contradicting advice from health specialists, colleagues and fellow gym-goers all the time.

Fortunately, Healthspan is an app that takes the temperature of your diet and delivers personalised recommendations about what supplements you should take. Essentially it does all the hard work of monitoring your food and drink intake so you don’t have to.

Personal Training, Liverpool Street

Similar to MyFitnessPal and Lose It, users need simply to input their diet into the app so it can track their activity. However, this isn’t about counting calories, rather the bigger picture of monitoring your nutrition.

Linking up with a FitBit or activity tracker (for example Strava and the Apple Health app), users fill in data about themselves, input what they’re eating, press a button and the app will formulate a bespoke supplement report.

Whether you need more calcium, protein, electrolytes or thiamine in your diet, the app will deliver recommendations and how much to take depending on how active your lifestyle is.

You can also order water-soluble supplements through the app which arrive a couple of days later.

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