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TEAM JDP Fitness is on hand with a selection of gym playlists to help you get hyped up and hit a new PB.

What do you call a workout without music? Death. You call it death. Attempting any sort of physical activity without an accompanying soundtrack to take your mind off the 40 burpees you’re scheduled to perform in the next circuit or the press-ups that will leave your arms feeling like spaghetti is liable to be branded as insanity.

Unfortunately, curating the perfect playlist to keep your energy up for the full 45 minutes to an hour of your average workout can be trying. If you’re not constantly pushing your workout back so you can meticulously add, then delete, what you think are the perfect tracks to your playlist, you’re pausing your pump session in the middle of a rep again because that song you thought would get you pumped up is actually mellowing your vibe.

Personal Training, Liverpool Street

Luckily, Spotify has a multitude of playlists set and ready to go for whatever workout vibe you’re currently feeling. Want to feel like you’re at a rave while you pump iron? Spotify’s got you. Want some vintage T.I. and 50 Cent to get you through that last rep? Spotify’s got you. Need something soothing as you attempt cool down? Well, you get the point.

Whatever you need to finish your workout and reach that feeling of nirvana that comes afterwards (one of the best feelings in life, if we’re being honest), Spotify already has it preloaded. So get back into the gym, eliminate those love handles you’ve been swearing to get rid of for years, and press play on one of the options below. These are the ultimate gym workout playlists. 

You can thank us later.


Don’t let the title of this playlist steer you away. While Spotify’s Cardio playlist is certainly a fine option for when you want to get in a quick three miles, the tracks within are equally as satisfying for a 45-minute pump session. From frenzied remixes of current hits, like the Hazers’ remix of Dua Lupa’s “IDGAF,” to the endlessly replayable “Jackie Chan” from Tiesto and Post Malone, Cardio gets your heart pumping.

Personal Training, Liverpool Street


If you’re dreading having to come home from work and engage in the half-hour death march that is most HIIT workouts, Spotify is here to help with HIIT-Hop. By the time you hear the screeching guitar notes that open Kendrick Lamar’s “Humble,” your adrenaline will be through the roof. Future’s “Draco” is here to get you through that final circuit (or if you just feel like dancing in between sets), and there’s plenty of bangers from artists like The Weeknd, Rae Sremmurd, and Nicki Minaj to make burning a cool 450 calories feel like something other than pain.

EDM Workout

The ferocity of the beats per minute contained inside the EDM Workout playlist will make pausing your workout feel like you’re committing a crime. A non-stop wave of up temp to drops from artists like Tiesto, LOOPERS, and Maddix will push you to your weight-lifting limits, especially when you need that extra burst of energy to finish a final rep.

Personal Training, Liverpool Street

Gold School

There are certain hip-hop tracks that force you to bob your head up and down the minute you hear them. The beat drop on Eminem’s “The Way I Am.” The iconic first note on DMX’s “Ruff Ryder’s Anthem.” The Neptunes’ signature sound on Ludacris’ “Southern Hospitality.” Someone put all of these bad boys in one place for you to head nod to while you get a workout in. Bless their soul.


If being at a hip-hop tinged rave is how you like to curate the soundtrack to your workouts, then go ahead hit play on Hype. With multiple remixes from DJs like Skrillex and Flosstradamus, (including the former’s take on Kendrick Lamar’s “Humble,” which will make you want to run through a wall), as well as a couple classics like “Clique” from GOOD Music, your heart rate will have no issues getting into that peak zone.

Personal Training, Liverpool Street

Endorphin Rush

Any playlist featuring the Black Keys and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs is a good move, but doubly so when you’re at the gym. From the former’s “Howlin’ For You” to the latter’s “Heads Will Roll,” Endorphin Rush pairs those jams with mainstays like the White Stripes “Seven Nation Army” and Tame Impala’s “Elephant” to provide your workout will all the rock and roll influenced energy it needs.

Get Turnt

This one’s pretty self-explanatory. Turning up isn’t just reserved for a concert or the club you’re planning on hitting up after your workout. You can start the process right in the gym. From Drake to Meek Mill to Migos, Get Turnt will have your whole workout going apesh*t. Just make sure you get some actual weight lifting in in-between doing The Backpack and the shoot dance, alright?

Personal Training, Liverpool Street

Epic Workout

Epic Workout is one of those playlists that, when combined with the adrenaline already pumping through your body, will have you daydreaming of doing something epic with St. Lucia’s “Dancing on Glass” or Gentlemen Hall’s “Sail Into the Sun” blasting in the background. It’s like a runners high, except the feeling is coming from big, grandiose beats and synthesized harmonies. We promise you’ll be feeling yourself as you get after it to this playlist.

Throwback Workout

Turns out you don’t have to reserve working out to this playlist for Thursdays; you can get it in to “Whatever You Like” from T.I. or “Yeah!” from Usher and Lil’ Jon whenever you damn please. Bring it all the way back to the days of trying to lift entirely too much weight to impress your bros in the makeshift weight room in the basement of your high school with this one, featuring some classic 50 Cent, Missy Elliott, Kanye West, and more. Ah, memories.

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Cool Down

Workouts can suck. They’re draining, both mentally and physically. But there’s a certain feeling that lingers when you’ve finished, one of accomplishment and strength, that gets amplified during the cool down, an essential finish to any workout session. Spotify’s playlist of the same name lets you bring your heart rate down to some incredibly soothing tones from artists like Chris Call and Martin Fox that would feel just as appropriate at a spa. 

Personal Training, Liverpool Street

The cool down: the most glorious part of a workout.

author: Matt Williams


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