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So 2019 is here and we are probably all back to work and back to reality by now. Goals have been set and you are keen to make 2019 the best and healthiest year yet. The days spent completing Netflix and demolishing that family sized box of Quality Street are over. So how do we go about making this year the healthiest year yet? Well, I have compiled for you the definitive list to make the best fitness start to 2019. From clothes, to gyms, to diet and even the right workout, we have the answer for you.


Obviously first thing on the list is to get all the right equipment. I mean you couldn’t possibly set foot in the gym without looking the part first, could you? So what are the essentials you need to strut the gym floor.

Trainer– a must have and the first thing on the shopping list, typically also the most expensive piece of kit on the list. A good pair of footwear can make the difference between a good and a bad workout. So, make sure you match your trainers to your workout. Looking to do lots of running then a good pair of specialised running shoes are well worth the investment. Wanting to do a lot of lifting then look for a firm soled pair of shoes like the Adidas weightlifting range. However, if you are looking to do a mixture of both our recommendation would be the Nike Metcon. 

Personal Trainer, Liverpool Street

Outfit– again another essential piece of kit and with a wide ranging price range. My go to brands are Nike and Adidas. They fit well, look good and generally last a long time. If you wanted something on the lower end of the price range then Gymshark make great gym wear. However, occasionally the pieces don’t last that long and the sizes are built for a very typical shape and size of body which doesn’t suit everyone. If you are really looking to make a splash this year then why not try this Lululemon workout top. Perfect for a gym workout or a yoga session they look good, never end up smelly and last a long time. 

Personal Training, Liverpool Street


APPS– How could we possibly try to get fit in the 21st Century without our trusty fitness apps. My recommendation would be…. My Fitness Pal for your food tracking, a step tracking app to make sure you are getting your 10k a day and Soundcloud. Because, nobody had a good workout without great music!


Now you have all the workout gear and the apps, what next? Well now you need somewhere to show them all off. So here our my top three recommendations for gyms.

Commercial Gym– GYMBOX. A rapidly expanding brand with new sites all over the capital Gymbox is THE go to commercial gym. They build large gym units, stacked full of brilliant and up to date equipment. They run brilliant classes with literally something for everyone from barre, to spin to pole dancing and boxing. They also have live DJ’s in the club which brings in a great atmosphere and not that it really matters to your workout but they just ooze cool.

Personal Training, Liverpool Street

Personal Training Studio– JDP HEALTH AND FITNESS. A private personal training studio in the heart of the city of London JDP Fitness offers 1-1 Personal Training for busy city professionals. With bespoke programs built around their clients needs JDP Fitness has a long list of successfully transforming peoples health and fitness. Set in a private studio with brand new equipment, JDP Fitness tries to cut through some of the myths of the fitness industry to make sure their clients become healthier but not recluses. Why not book a free consultation today?

Personal training. Liverpool Street

Boutique Class Studio– 1 REBEL. One of the fastest growing brands in London fitness is 1 Rebel. With a great mix of classes they offer highly effective class based workouts in luxury boutique gyms. Whether you are looking for a spin class, a HIIT workout or boxing they have a class for you across one of their London studios. It’s also worth mentioning that their changing rooms are an experience in themselves! But what more could you want after one of their brutal treadmill and dumbbell workouts.

Personal Training, Liverpool Street


So you have your workout gear and your gym membership has been signed up for. Now its time to workout what you want to train for and what goals you want to achieve. From total beginner to advanced trainer having a clearly defined goal and plan is a sure fire way to make your goals a reality. So are you going to get leaner, gain size or just train for optimal health?

SIZE- In my opinion one of the hardest things to train for but one of the most commonly sought after goals. Trying to add lean muscle is difficult physically and mentally. Essentially to gain lean muscle you need to be in a calorie surplus (easting more calories than you burn off) so inevitably you will end up gaining body fat. Either people don’t eat enough as the extra body fat starts to put them off, or the opposite, and people enjoy a few to many extra calories and justify it by “bulking”. My advice, have a look at our article on how to do it correctly. 

Personal Training, Liverpool Street

LEAN- The most common post Christmas wish, to get leaner. Essentially, in principle, much easier than gaining size. However, it is the repetitiveness and sometimes boring nature of getting lean that can prevent most people achieving results. To get lean, exercise volume needs to be high, calories in a slight deficit and sleep to be optimal. To give you a helping hand here is one of our top plans for leaning up. 

Personal Training, Liverpool Street

HEALTH- Training for optimal health can be a hard one to measure. What we mean by training for optimal health is training consistently, eating nutritious food, getting quality sleep whilst not trying to excessively cut calories. Performance whilst training and eating wholesome food becomes the priority. 

Personal Training, Liverpool Street


So this will very much reflect you training choices made above. As we all no know, its not worth putting all that time and effort in at the gym if you nutrition is not matching it.

SIZE-  As discussed above we know that this means we need to be consuming more calories than we are burning off. But the quality of these calories is important too. We can’t just load up on Macdonalds because each meal is 800kcal. We need those calories to come from lean proteins, vegetables, fats and good sources of carbohydrates. Our article here should give you all the detail you need to start making those diet plans.

Personal Training, Liverpool Street

LEAN- The choice where calories really matter. To get lean we need to be in a long term calorie deficit. Like this, the body will use existing body fat as fuel and we will chip away to create a lean aesthetic. Again quality of calories is important here too. Not just for their nutritional value but also due to nutritious food keeping you fuller for longer and generally being lower calorie. Check out this 28 day plan to help you kick start the new year.

Just a little bonus article on foods that help you sleep as we all need a good nights sleep to make progress.

author: Matt Williams


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