JDP Top trainer Jackson Hinch explains how to make sure your 2018 habits stick.

How many new years have you been through in your adult life? Probably a few. With every new years there comes resolutions. Massive steps forward you’re going to take to improve your life or the life of others. It may be to be more environmentally friendly, or to lose a stone, or to run the next 10km race in your neighbourhood even though you’ve not run even a mile in the last decade. These resolutions last about 2-3 weeks before being put in the too hard basket and never thought of again till the next new years eve.

How do we make these resolutions and goals stick in 2018? This is the year to make a difference in your life. Here is our essential steps to making your goals stick.

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Goals need to be comprehensive and planned otherwise how do we know when we really achieve them. The SMART mnemonic makes an easy checklist for us to make sure our goals are worded properly and achievable.


Our goals must be specific, just wanting to be better at something is flakey and doesn’t require action. Saying I want to lose 3kg by March is very specific and gives us context.


We need to be able to quantify our goal and resolution. If you have no way of accurately measuring your progress towards your resolution, how are you going to stay true to the cause when the times get tough.


This is a tough one for people as they want results quickly and sharply. Saying I want to lose a stone in the next month isn’t achievable for most people and will set you up for failure from the get go. Look critically at what you want to achieve and if it’s possible given your circumstances.


Again carrying on from above, you need to make sure your goal is realistic for your lifestyle and means. If you don’t have the time to prep your food or can’t eat during meetings then eating six times a day isn’t realistic for you.


This is the greatest motivator of all time. A deadline will make people work harder and find the most efficient way forward possible. If you tell yourself you have 12 weeks to lose a stone, you know where the finish line is, and you sure as hell better achieve your resolution by then.

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Small Consistent Changes

The key to making a resolution or new habit stick around is to make it so you can actually achieve it. People want to revamp their whole life in the course of a week at the start of January. This kind of overhaul very rarely works. Coming off holidays and going back into work is bad enough as it is without having to try and get up for the gym five times a week, if this was your goal I can almost guarantee you’ll miss at least one session, usually more, if not all of them. Making small changes and implementing them has a far greater likelihood of consistency and therefore success. Instead of drastically cutting your food intake in half, try incrementally taking a piece of toast out here or a cappuccino out there. These small changes then turn into habits which equals success.

20 Second Rule

There is often a rule that we go by. The 20 second rule. The easiest you make it on yourself to apply yourself to the goal or resolution the more likely you’ll succeed. How many times have you said no to candy, only to just go home and demolish a bag of M&Ms for fun. Make getting the sweets harder, for example don’t keep them in the house, I’m sure the effort to drive to the shop is far to great just for the little sweet tooth. If you want to drink more water this year, make sure you carry a water bottle with you all day so you have no excuse not too.

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If you’re sick of trying and failing to implement New Years resolutions every year try these steps of making small achievable goals and milestones first, to then build to the overall goal later. You’ll be surprised how easy it is. And let’s be honest if you can achieve 10 goals, even if they’re small, or only 1, that’s massive and daunting, you’re going to be in a much more positive mindset to then stick it out when it gets tough !!

author: Matt Williams


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