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JDP Top trainer Jackson Hinch gives you his warning signs to look for that your Personal Trainer may be below par.

So you’ve got a new Personal Trainer and you’re ready to chase your fitness goals? The only thing standing between you and your perfect body is you, right? Not quite..

Your Trainer may be the obstacle that is holding you back from being your best.

It’s no secret that not all Personal Trainers are created equal. There’s the good, the bad, and of course the ugly. Some Trainers have great knowledge but no people skills, some are absolute salesmen but lack the ability to communicate the knowledge to you. No matter your drive or want for your fitness success, if your Trainer isn’t cutting the mustard then you are doomed to fail. With very little barrier to entry, and the quickest online course being only 8 weeks, any joker can put on a pair of joggers and a Nike tee, and call themselves a trainer.

So how do you know if your Trainer isn’t up to scratch. Here’s our top ways to know if your Trainer is rubbish:

Using Buzzwords

If your Trainer is constantly throwing words at you that are currently trending on social media, you’re probably in for a bad time. This is any of the crew that promote fad diets and keep trying to only do what their favourite Instagram model is doing, and then trying to teach you. Buzzwords last all of about 2 weeks, so you’re going to be consistently changing between what you’re training, how you’re dieting, and still making no gains.

No Authority

Now you don’t need a boot camp drill sergeant as your Trainer, that’s a different extreme that doesn’t work either. Your Trainer needs to be strong enough to tell you what’s what, and give you the reality check when you need it. Weak trainers are more worried about retaining clients and getting you to renew than getting you results.

Self reflection

Not the good kind of self reflection. If your Trainer spends more time looking in the mirror at themselves than looking at and engaging with you, then you’re probably with a dud. Get a Trainer that is interested and invested in you and your goals, if they aren’t then they’re not right for you.

All Talk and No Walk

Personal Training is one of easiest careers to be able to figure out if they are actually doing as they tell you to do. If your Trainer isn’t excelling in some aspect, very fit and healthy, great at their chosen sport, or in amazing shape (or have been) then why are you taking their advice? They can’t follow what they’re telling you to do to achieve your goals, then why would you? Being a role model is part of the package as a Trainer, if your Trainer can’t hack it then look elsewhere.


Finishing this list with the easiest one to spot. If your Trainer would rather be scrolling through Instagram or Facebook, than watching you exercise and checking your form. Bin them. Plain and simple. You’re just asking for an injury and to be throwing your money away with this one.

If your Trainer isn’t up to standard then really what are you paying for. All you have is an over glorified baby sitter. Make better choices with who you choose to give your money too, and who is going to be just as invested in your results as you are.

author: Matt Williams


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