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JDP Top Trainer Jackson Hinch gives you his top tips for getting back in shape for 2018.

New year, new you? Am I right? Was 2018 going to be the year that you finally got your fitness on track? Just like every other year for the last decade?

Let’s be honest with ourselves, everyone is full of good intentions and new resolutions coming into the new year, but how many of us really stick them? How many of us actually achieve the fitness goals we set out for ourselves?

Kick your fitness and training into gear with these new ventures in 2018 to keep you motivated and progressing!!

1) HIIT vs Standard Cardio

Nothing yells boring like sitting on a treadmill for 45-60 minutes going at the same pace. This is the stock standard way people picture to lose weight, and it’s also the option you’re least likely to stick to. If you don’t enjoy what you’re doing, or you find it boring and tedious why are you going to make time for it in your day to day schedule.

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is vastly superior in terms of efficiency, keeping you interested and measuring progress. 15-20 minutes of HIIT can burn as many calories as a standard 60 minute steady state cardio session, and will also continue to burn calories afterwards due to metabolic adaptions. It involves going 95-100% effort for a short space of time followed by a period of rest (usually 2-3× as long as the work effort). This keeps you interested and working as you have no space to wriggle out of doing the work and you can’t help but be fully involved.

Progress is easily measured whether it be by speed, power, or repetitions completed depending on the exercise you are doing. With it being so quantifiable you know when you are working hard and when you’re not.

2) Powerlifting

The days of people believing that lifting weights makes women bulky and injures men left right and center are behind us. Resistance training is literally the best form of exercise to completely revamp your appearance, but without a direction, progression or goal in mind it’s all too easy to spin your wheels.

Powerlifting provides a vehicle for men and women alike to lift progressively heavier weights in a safe and secure manner, and have fun in setting some goals while they’re at it. With Powerlifting competition becoming a more regular thing across the country they give you deadlines to train towards and can give you the extra motivation to hit those sessions hard !!

Personal Training, Liverpool Street

Also teaching you proper lifting techniques to shift the most amount of weight possible, and thus create the biggest change in your body, in conjunction with a healthy diet it’s simple to see why the age of overweight unhealthy powerlifters has to come a close and more of the general fitness goer looking to make improvements are coming to play ball.

3) Group Exercise

Training alone, even for the dedicated, can get monotonous and boring. Group fitness classes bring a whole new level of excitement into your fitness regime and make it a lot easier to stick to those resolutions you made when the clock ticked over to 2018.

Whether you’re social, competitive, a beginner, unsure of what to do, or all of the above then Group Exercise can deliver.

Coming in many different forms as Body Pump, Step, Spin, Core, Kettlebells, Buns Abs & Thighs, and many more, Group Exercise can make you be a lot more competitive and push yourself harder than if you were training solo, or even just correct your technique and cause you to train in a safer manner, the benefits are endless. Also generally cheaper than a usual Personal Training session you can get more class time for your money.

4) Ballet Fitness

Find fitness boring and uninteresting ? Try something new like Ballet Fitness. You get to work on strength, flexibility, fitness, and dancing all in one swoop !

There’s nothing worse for some people than trying to count reps in a gym and keep their focus for longer than half an hour shifting weight through space. Why not use your body as the weight and work on learning to control your body while having some fun learning to dance as well.

With a group based approach you and your friends can all be in the same boat learning something new and letting your hair down while burning calories and building a toned physique.

Going back to being a beginner at something is potentially one of the most interesting ventures you can do in life, so why not get fit and flexible while you’re at it !

5) Virtual Reality

How many hours a day can you stare at a blank piece of wall before you get bored ? Not many right ?

How about when you’re doing your 60 minutes of cycling in the morning you’re making your way around the greenery on the West Coast of New Zealand, or sweating your miles through the Plains of Africa ?

Virtual Reality apps online these days have come along leaps and bounds. With numerous back drops available your cardio no longer has to be boring and tedious. Some bikes these days (generally in Spin studios at gyms) even connect to the environment and adjust the resistance depending if you’re meant to riding up or down hill or around corners.

Travel the far corners of the globe without even leaving your gym or lounge with this emerging technology and take your fitness to another level.

author: Matt Williams


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