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JDP Muscle building king Jackson Hinch gives you his top tips to make this years Christmas Dinner a muscle building feast.

The holiday season is upon us. That generally means firstly a very busy time at work trying to get last minute projects or deals finished, and then trying to fit in all the various Christmas parties you’re bound to get invited to. Moving at 100 miles per hour, then followed by basically hitting stop and relaxing with the family for a week or two. Going from hectic to relaxed in the space of a weekend.

Personal Training, Liverpool Street

While all may seem well and good, neither of these extremes does anyone’s fitness regime any favours. When you’re really busy, fitness and meal planning is generally one of the first things to fall off the wagon. Skipping workouts and just grabbing food on the go, a surefire way to hit undo on progress you’ve made.

When you’re at home relaxing with the family the trip to the gym seems insurmountable, and prepping your meals to ensure you stay on track falls to the wayside as social gatherings and afternoon drinks sound a lot more inviting.

What if it didn’t have to be this way ?

One of the main reasons people don’t keep up a fitness and muscle building regime is that they don’t have time. Well that’s generally one thing that is easy to come by in the holidays, consider swapping that little lie in for your usual alarm clock time and use the extra time to get in a workout while not hindering spending quality time with the family. You’ll give all the protein and calories you’re consuming a place to go by investing some time in the gym. You’ll look and feel better for it.

Personal Training, Liverpool Street

Even if you only manage to fit in a couple of gym sessions over the holiday it’s easy to keep your fitness and any fat gain in check by taking the family out for walks or to the park, play catch or football with the kids, go on bike rides, it’s not hard to move more than we generally do, it just takes a bit of creativity and some effort.

Now this is an easy fix for the workout side of things, but what about the diet ?

It’s actually easier than you think. Christmas dinners are generally loaded with a variety of foods, you just have to pick the right foods at the right time.

Let’s look at what a great Christmas dinner for your waistline and muscle goals might look like:

A palm size portion of Christmas Turkey

A palm size portion of Christmas Ham

One Bread Roll

However many Roast Potatoes you can hold in one hand

As much Salad as you want

As we can see this is easily scalable to any person, big or small. The portions are custom fit without even having to be that person at dinner who brings their scales to measure their food.

With Protein making up the bulk of the meal you’ll be full and in a very anabolic state if you have trained hard enough beforehand. There’s ample Carbs to fuel your body for the rest of the day and replenish your glycogen stores for your workout the next morning. The Fats in the meal really take care of themselves as the Potatoes are generally cooked in butter (which isn’t a bad thing !) and Ham has a decent Fat content compared to other meats.

Leftovers are a give in when it comes to Christmas, and lucky you this means less meal prep ! There’s always plenty of meat left over and generally very little of the sweeter dishes as most people seem to forget they’re not 16 anymore and can’t eat whatever they want without their waistbands telling them to slow down. This makes your job easier in that your protein portions are taken care of, while not having the temptation of sweets to pull you off track, just add carbs and vegetables as your usual diet allows and you have easily accessible meals ready for the whole week ahead.

Personal Training, Liverpool Street

People seem to think that their body won’t notice the lack of quality nutrients, the lack of workouts and moving, or the huge amounts of calories coming in, but let’s be honest here we all know that the body notices all these things, and most people come back from the holidays feeling worse than they went into them. While we can afford a little flexibility and relaxation over the holiday period, it’s ideal to keep on moving forward with your muscle building and fitness goals at any time of the year.

The ideal scenario is that you will keep up your usual gym routine and keep yourself in an anabolic state diet wise to keep building muscle, strength and fitness, and keep fat at bay. But if you end up having a treat here and there don’t stress, it’s not the meals or missed workouts between Christmas and New Years that will make you fall behind, it’s the meals and skipped workouts between New Years and Christmas that have a far bigger impact !!

author: Matt Williams


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