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So you are wanting to get big and strong? Training like an animal and taking over Squat Racks in every gym you visit. But what about your diet? In this second instalment of my strong body plan, we talk about nutrition.

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If you aren’t paying attention to your diet, you’re not making optimal gains, plain and simple. Any Curl Warrior can make it to the gym 3-4 times per week and train with some intensity. But how many people do you see year after year, looking the same, lifting the same weights, for the same speed, in the same way, day in and day out? 90% of the gym population am I right?

The key deciding factor and divider between results vs no results is nailing your food intake. People always take ‘dieting’ as you trying to lose weight. What if I told you you need to diet to gain muscle as well? Gaining muscle is a much harder quest than losing fat, anyone can deal with hunger to burn body fat. The hard part comes when you need to eat more than your body needs so there is an excess, or surplus, of calories for your body to build muscle with.

The 60-90 minutes you spend in the gym each day is effectively damaging the muscle tissue and basically sending your body a message that if it wants to survive it needs to adapt and grow bigger and stronger. If the message is sent with a gruelling workout but then there is no fuel to use for the body to adapt and build, then you’re still stuck at square one. An hour a day is a small portion of your time, what you do in the other 23 hours of the day will decide if you remain the same or grow the elusive muscle tissue that you desire.

Everyone’s maintenance calories (food intake to maintain their bodyweight) is different so it can take a few goes to get this right. What we need is a calorie surplus, more calories than your body needs to maintain its current bodyweight. Let’s look at a sample for someone following our Strong Body programme from the previous article, who wants to get immeasurably strong and build slabs of muscle mass.

For argument’s sake, we’ll say we’re catering to an 85-90kg male.

Meal One (Breakfast): 3 Whole Eggs + 100g Lean Meat + 3 Wholegrain Toast + Veges


100g Oats + Whole Banana + 1.5 Scoop Whey Protein + 20g Chia Seeds

Meal Two (Lunch): 80g Rice or Quinoa + 220g Lean Meat + 1/2 Avocado + Vege/Salad


100g Pasta + 220g Lean Meat + 30g Cheese + Veges/Salad

Meal Three (Dinner): 80g Rice or Quinoa + 220g Lean Meat + 15ml Extra Virgin Olive Oil + Veges/Salad


250g Sweet Potato + 220g Steak/Lean Mince + Vege/Salad

Smoothies (60-90 Minutes Pre-workout): 60g Blueberries + 60g Strawberries + Sprinkle Chia Seeds + 1 Scoop Whey Protein + 30g Oats


Whole Banana + 1 Scoop Whey Protein + 150g Zero Fat Greek Yoghurt + Sprinkle Chia Seeds + 60g Strawberries

Snack (Two per day): Low Carb Protein Bar (Grenade, Reflex, Quest)


60g Mixed Nuts


4 Corn Thins/Rice Cakes + Small Tuna Can


1 Scoop Whey Protein + 2 Pieces of Fruit

Notes: – All weights are in raw uncooked weights.

– Lean Meats include Chicken, Turkey, White Fish, Venison, Extra Lean Beef etc.

– Vegetables or Salad options are basically endless, just avoid things like Potato, Sweet Potato, Corn, or Carrot unless specified. Green Leafy or Fibrous Vege are the best options for satiety.

– Diet/Zero Calorie sodas are fine.

– Coffee good to go, Black with or without sweetener, no milk.

– The smoothies are purely for convenience if a meal with similar carbs+protein works better before a workout then go for that.

This kind of diet covers all your bases, a good amount of calories to fuel workouts and recovery, a good spread of macros and micros, while also not being so demanding that you need to eat 7 times a day. Appetite is generally what holds people back from gaining large amounts of muscle, but it will catch up as you grow!!

The best-laid plans are only as good as if you follow them though, consistency is the biggest driver in progress, especially in muscle and strength gain. Keep on top of things, and keep motivated and you’ll reap the dividends in the long run !!


author: Matt Williams


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