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JDP Adventure Retreat Activities

JDP Manager and Adventure retreat instructor Matt Williams explains about the various activities you can experience on our adventure retreat.

As your probably aware, JDP Fitness ran their first fitness adventure retreat in July. The location was the French Pyrenees. Gere-Belesten to be exact. Home for the weekend was a 6 bedroom chateau, nestled within a valley, high enough to appreciate every possible view. The former 15th Century Hunting was a great base for the most amazing weekend in the French mountains.


The first and most basic activity we participated in was hiking. Straight off the plane, and after dumping our luggage, we set off on a brisk hour hike to stretch the legs. The slight incline on the way up was fully worth it so we could see the phenomenal views around us. It was the perfect way to get over the travel, bond with our fellow retreaters and to see the beautiful French landscape. It is also a great form of exercise and a good way to earn your dinner in the Chateau.


Every morning kicked off with a JDP bootcamp on the lawn of the chateau. Using a combination of resistance equipment and body weight we all started the morning off by getting the heart rate up and using our muscles. If you wanted the fresh French bread and croissants you were going to have to earn them. Everyone was put through a variety of HIIT, Tabata training and some team challenges to make sure they were in peak physical condition for the day ahead. What a great way to start the day.

Rock Climbing

The first day of activities centred around Rock climbing. After a short safety instructor we were all harnessed up and attempted to master the rock face. After great instruction, from two local instructors, everybody in the group was flying up the mountain. Even those who warned of being scared of heights before the day were conquering their fear. The rock climbing was fantastic fun as well as a physically demanding.

Everybody the following day woke up with sore lats and arms from the excursion on the rock face. What a great workout! Of course to go alongside the rock climbing we had abseiling to get us back down. An exhilarating experience and again everybody gave it a great go.


The second day was focused around canoeing. However, this wasn’t just any old canoeing. Set in a lake nestled at the top of several mountains in the French Pyrenees this was very special.

The morning was spent in pairs getting used to being on the water and perfecting our canoeing technique. Sat in the basking sunshine on a beautiful lake it was a fantastic way to get a light workout in. We then left the lake to reenergise with coffee and crepes. The afternoon session was a race. Again split into teams the challenge was to race to the furthest bank and  back again. A very even race which was great fun for all participants as well as a great upper body workout.

Boil The Egg

The boil the egg race was the culmination of the Adventure Retreat on our last morning in France. After a short briefing from the directing staff we got underway. The race was designed to include strength, stamina, agility, camaraderie and most importantly, the ability to make a fire and boil an egg on it! The team looked perplexed on how, but…spoiler alert, they all completed it!

The race consisted of; A rope regain, upper body circuits, truck pull, 2 Km run loop around the valley, a short climb up the mountain and then into the grounds of the chateau. The they had to find fire wood, make a fire a boil an egg-the winner would crack the egg on their forehead. If it gets ‘messy’ they lose!

Everyone was exhausted at the end and after a nice lunch and some sun around the pool, the activities were done.


What an amazing weekend, the guest took part in everything that was thrown at them. They didn’t shy away and some faced fears-and smashed them!

The next retreat is on the 13th October.

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author: Matt Williams


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