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The 20 Best Flat Belly Foods.

JDP Top Trainer Jackson Hinch gives you his 20 best flat belly foods.

Coming back from holidays is always a tough reality check, back into a busy work schedule and the routine of normal life. Which is easy enough to accept and get back into. What’s not so easy to accept is the extra notch looser you need your belt, or the bulge making your tapered shirts feel a bit too snug for your liking.

Now we all know that different foods are digested by your body differently, and better quality foods are better for your waistline full stop. Here’s our list of foods that will help your unwanted spare fat get kicked out and not come back.

1) Steak

Even with some extra fat content when compared to other meats, Steak is a great food for your waistline. Containing high protein gram for gram and taking longer to digest than most foods you’ll be less likely to overeat later on, and it’ll help you recover between workouts.

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2) Spinach

This leafy green is a great addition to any diet. With a high fibre content and also being not very calorie dense means you can eat a lot of it without hurting your waistline. You’ll stay fuller for longer, and can make a small meal into a decent size meal with this superfood.

3) Eggs

Eggs often get a bad rap from the media, but they still stand fast as an irreplaceable part of a belly busting diet. With a good mix of Proteins and Healthy Fats, and little to no Carbs, they are just what your body needs to function and recover while burning fat.

4) Grapefruit

Grapefruit is one of the secret foods not very well known to the general public for it’s slimming properties. Helping to improve your insulin sensitivity with certain enzymes contained in a Grapefuit, it will help reduce your love handles and regulate blood sugars right from day one.

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5) Chicken

Usually regarded as the basis of any muscle building diet, it will also help burn off that extra belly fat. High protein content and simple to cook means you’ll be full and not need that mid afternoon snack that’s liked packed with calories.

6) Broccoli

With a huge fibre content and really aiding in digestion, Broccoli will help in more ways than one with a flat stomach. Helping to reduce bloat caused by food sitting in your digestive system, and also making a small meal into a large one without many extra added calories, it’s easy to see how this will keep your stomach flatter

7) Almonds

Great as a snack to help on your quest to burn the belly fat. Just as easy to reach for as crisps, crackers or chocolate, and yet puts you closer to your goal rather than further away. Careful though as too many can have the same effect due to being quite calorie dense with Protein  and Fats, there is such a thing as too much of a good thing.

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8) Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Packed full of healthy Fats, this dressing drizzled on any meal can help your body more efficiently utilise Fat as a fuel source which in turn helps burn more belly fat in the long run. A small amount goes a long way too, and isn’t full of Sugar like most sauces or dressings.

9) Apples

Again an easy high fibre snack that can still help curb that sweet tooth and prevent you from eating foods you shouldn’t later on. A small amount of natural sugars but mostly made up of water and fibre makes these very calorie sparse and can help cure boredom eating which is your waistlines worst enemy.

10) Avocado

Fat doesn’t make you fat, healthy Fats actually do the opposite, they help you burn more belly fat. This is what Avocados have in bucketloads, a serving of avocado once or twice a day with meals is a great way to add in healthy Fats and assist in slimming your figure.

11) Black Coffee

Not technically a food but it still makes the list. Little to no calories and a large effect on appetite suppression is Coffee’s magic bullet to killing belly fat. The Caffiene in Coffee also assists in raising your metabolism thus burning more calories at rest, causing the belly fat to be gone without any extra effort !

12) Cinnamon

This simple and tasty spice is easy to add to food and does more than just add flavour. Cinnamon helps to regulate your blood sugar and improve insulin sensitivity, so will help bring down those Love Handles you’ve built with alcohol and sugary snacks.

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13) Blueberries

While being a great source of natural sugars for carbohydrates, blueberries also help with insulin sensitivity like cinnamon above. Aiding in making your belly flatter without much effort. Add to that they are packed with antioxidants, it’s easy to see why you’d be silly to avoid blueberries as part of your nutrition.

14) Cauliflower

Another vegetable high in fibre and low in calories making it an easy meal filler without adding unwanted calories, in turn making your belly fat disappear and any bloated feeling get on the move a bit quicker. Easy to make into a rice substitute, Cauliflower can’t be left out of any fat loss diet.

15) Tomato

Being an easy tasty additive to any meal, Tomato is a great substitute for more calorie dense options. Also with high levels of some vitamins and minerals it’s a natural diuretic so it will aide in reducing that unwanted belly bloat from carrying too much water.

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16) Salmon

Salmon is a great food to aide in your flat belly arsenal. Loaded with Protein, and super high levels of omega 3 fatty acids, it becomes a metabolism firing machine and helps burn off those extra few millimetres of fat.

17) Garlic

Garlic is another easy additive to any meal. Helping boost your metabolism, and aiding with digestion, it’s easy to see why you would be best to add this to at least a few meals a week. Belly bloat ready to be lost quickly and easily.

18) Oats

Oats, although they’re a carbohydrate they’re not the devil. Being a complex carbohydrate and also full of fibre they slowly release energy so as not to spike insulin levels and also help digestion along to keep away the horrible belly bloat of food sitting for too long.

19) Dark Chocolate

While this may sound counterintuitive it may actually be your saving grace if you get those sweet tooth cravings. Being a bitter taste and a high antioxidant content it can curb those mid afternoon cravings and thus lead to a slimmer waistline.

20) Asparagus

Adding any vegetables to a meal is an easy way to fill up and not overeat later on, leading to less overall calories and more belly fat being busted. Asparagus packs an extra punch with helping flush fluid out, so removing the bloat while also lowering your calorie intake.

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Any of the above foods are all great to add to a diet, but they’ll all be worthless if you’re not in an overall calorie deficit to help burn the belly fat. No food is magic at burning fat or will instantly change your body. But these foods put together into a diet will create a great base for you to burn some belly fat and get back into the shape you always wanted!

author: Matt Williams


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