Top 10 Healthiest Fast Foods in London.

PT MANAGER Matt Williams give you his top ten healthiest fast foods in London.

Long gone are the days when fast food only meant grease-soaked, deep-fried, and calorific dishes. Beginning largely with a wave of healthy eating startups in the middle part of the previous decade, London now boasts some cracking options for time-short diners who don’t want to sacrifice on the quality, freshness, or healthiness of their food. So ditch the KFC and embrace the healthy fast food lifestyle with our guide to the city’s best healthy fast-food spots.


This fast-food chain has come a long way since opening the doors of its Carnaby Street flagship store — it now boasts 41 stores, and is setting its sights on the European and US markets. Founded  in 2004, Leon were one of the first players in the emerging ‘good food on the high street’ movement. They sell a wide variety of meal boxes, wraps, snacks, and sides, sticking firmly to the ethos that it is ‘possible to serve food that both tastes good and does you good’.

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Mae Deli

Founded in 2015 by healthy eating blogger Ella Woodward (aka Deliciously Ella) and her fiancé Matthew, the Mae Deli focuses on natural, simple foods, with the philosophy that ‘eating well is not about diet or deprivation, but about celebrating what you can do with simple, unprocessed ingredients to help you feel your best’. Alongside Ella’s signature Energy Balls, the menu revolves around bowls packed with veggies, while meat and fish are regarded as optional sides. A second branch is due to open on Weighhouse Street, beneath Oxford Street.

Planet Organic

With the first store opened in Westbourne Grove in 1995 by Renée Elliott, the UK’s first organic supermarket has steadily weathered the economic storms that have battered other retailers. Selling natural, organic, and sustainable products, Planet Organic was also among the first London stores to introduce an organic juice bar. Fill a box with tasty hot and cold food at one of their mouthwatering deli counters, or pick up a pot of warming soup from their wide selection — you’ll be surprised at the reasonable prices.

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Founded the year after Leon, Pod was inspired by the ‘fast, fresh food offerings emerging in other parts of the world like the speedy ‘made-to-order’ delis of Manhattan’. Today, Pod is one of the best spots to pick up a healthy breakfast when you’re in a hurry — they serve gluten free porridge, toasted sandwiches, and a range of exotic scrambled eggs on toast dishes — while their wide selection of soups are the standout feature of the lunchtime menu.

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Also founded in 2005, salad-concept eatery, Tossed, now operates 13 shops across central London. It was set up by new university graduate, Vincent McKevitt, who was determined to prove that a salad-led company could thrive in the UK as in the USA, despite the relatively high cost of fruit and vegetables here. Besides their house salad boxes, Tossed also offer a make-your-own salad counter, a range of healthy breakfasts, and some delicious hot meals.

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Hummus Bros

Hummus is big business in the health-crazed London of today, but when founders and university friends Christian Mouysset and Ronen Givon first set up their Mediterranean eatery, Hummus Bros, they were something of a novelty. The pair claim their company represents the first in the UK to use hummus as the base ingredient in all their meals. The restaurant’s signature dishes are their hummus bowls; add items such as falafel balls, sun-dried tomatoes, and feta cheese to a base of hummus, salad, and your choice of meat. They now operate six branches across the capital.

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We Grill

We Grill was the brainchild of Tarek, a former city worker who had a passion for healthy living and great food but couldn’t find anywhere suitable in the square mile. Based in the iconic Leadenhall Market they serve a wide range of healthy skewers and sides. The constantly evolving menu is perfect for repeat customers and they have even been known to add client requests to the menu!

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Farmer J

Farmer J’s is a great addition to the London healthy fast food scene. They believe in providing good food thats good for you and is ready when you are, doesn’t leave you hungry and doesn’t require a bank loan to buy it. Grab a tray and choose from a wide range of protein options and sides that will leave you satisfied until dinner.

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Whole Foods

Whole foods, dubbed America’s healthiest grocery store, came to the UK several years ago now and has steadily been growing year on year. With stores all over London they are the main natural rival to Planet Organic. Alongside the healthy groceries they also have a wide range of food to grab on the go from one of their healthy food counters. Be prepared to pay a little bit more than other places on this list, similar to Planet Organic, but you can be rest assured that the food is healthy, sustainably sourced and of great quality.

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Vita Mojo

Vita Mojo promises quick food that is ultra personalised and they aren’t messing around. A company that relies heavily on technology is a market leader when it comes to personalised healthy fast food. Using their app or web based system you can pick all the ingredients you want, personalise the portion size and the macronutrient content and then order online ready to be picked up at your time of choice. With three locations already in London this is a great place to pick up healthy fast food that you can personalise to your specific macronutrient needs to ensure you are getting results towards your goals.

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author: Matt Williams


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