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As your probably aware, JDP Fitness run their first Fitness Adventure Retreat over the weekend. 

The Location was the French Pyrenees. Gere-Belesten to be exact. Home for the weekend was a 6 Bedroom Chateau, nestled within a valley, high enough to appreciate every possible view.

The former 15th Century Hunting was a great addition to what was going to be the most amazing weekend in the french mountains.


The First evening, after a short flight from Stanstead to Lourdes Airport, consisted of the guests being shown their rooms, a short safety brief and then off for a mini 5km hike. Although it was raining and the guests where tired, it was a great way to stretch their legs and get to know one an other, while burning some of the pre-flight beers 😉

Fitness adventure retreat Hiking France

Dinner that evening was a homemade lasagne and some local red wine. Eaten and drunk in front of the roaring log burner – a great way to finish the first day! 


The Second day started with a 45 minute bootcamp on the green directly outside the chateau. The guests worked hard and after a few burpees thrown in for good measure-breakfast was served. 

Rock climbing was the activity of the day. With the rain lashing down and with he weather reports informing us that it was to be the general theme of the day-some spirits where down. Until we got there! The rock face that we where climbing was actually protected from the elements as it had a ‘lip’ above it! Result! The guests got their rigs on, belayed up and started the assent! We also had an abseiling section to at he same time so everybody could get in some of the action. 

Fitness adventure retreat Rock Climbing France

With everyone pretty exhausted from the days activities, we decided to give them two hours rest before I gave a smoothie making class. I used the recipes from the blog  with everyone tasting the smoothies and learning about nutrition simultaneously! The guests even had a go at one of the recipes themselves! 

Dinner this evening was in a local restaurant in the town of Laruns. The pizza, steaks and duck (all eaten separately) went down well and the guests, with tired eyes and aching bodies went to sleep! 

Fitness adventure retreat Rock Climbing


The rain stopped the night before meant the third day started with a dry bootcamp. Sprints and team games was on the agenda. Setting the tone for the day. After a well earned coffee and croissant the guests buckled up again as we took to the road up the mountains. A short 30 minutes scenic drive, we parked up and started a small hike towards the lake that the guest would be canoeing that day. Words can’t describe the views we had there. So we’ve added some pictures….

Fitness adventure retreat Canoeing France

After they explored the lake, small waterfalls and dams, we had some crepes and coffee at the shack. Team racing was the next activity. To the bouy and back, simple right? Ha!, we had people falling in, boats in all different directions…..anyways, we got them in and with some incredible team spirit, they all jumped in the lake to finish of a great morning. 

Fitness adventure retreat Canoeing

After lunch and a short 30 minute break at the chateau the Water Crossing activity was next. To get from one side of a bank to another, over a shallow, fast moving river. Upside down. They had to rig the system up first and then, in teams, get everyone over! The losing team had press ups in the river! 

After a few well earned beers in the sun, dinner was a BBQ. Full of the local meats and salads and even a few extremely fresh trouts from the local farm-caught and cooked that day! 

Fitness adventure retreat Team Building


No bootcamp in the morning. A well timed lay in for the guests. The Fitness Adventure Retreat was taking its toll on some of the guys! After another breakfast, this time in the sun, the boil the egg race was being briefed by the directing staff. The race was designed to include Strength, stamina, agility, camaraderie and most importantly, the ability to make a fire and boil an egg on it! The team looked perplexed on how, but…spoiler alert, they all completed it! 

Fitness adventure retreat France

The race consisted of; A rope regain, upper body circuits, truck pull, 2 Km loop around the valley, a short climb up the mountain and then into the grounds of the chateau. The they had to find fire wood, make a fire a boil an egg-the winner would crack the egg on their forehead. If it gets ‘messy’ they lose! 

Fitness adventure retreat

Everyone was exhausted at the end and after a nice lunch and some sun around the pool, the guest jumped on the transport back to Lourdes! 

Fitness adventure retreat

What an amazing weekend, the guest took part in everything that was thrown at them. They didn’t shy away and some faced fears-and smashed them! 

The next retreat is on the 13th October. 

Contact us today to get the early bird ticket!

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