Best Personal Trainers: Top 15 Fitness Coaches in London 2016

Best Personal Trainers: Top 15 Fitness Coaches in London 2017

JDP Fitness run down of the best Personal Trainers in London

We all know how hard it is to choose the right person for the job, especially when it comes to your own personal goals. So we have put together a guide for the Top 15 Personal Trainers in London 2016 to help you out!

Shaun Stafford

Shaun Stafford is a world-renowned WBFF Male Physique competitor, International Cover Model and Optimum Nutrition sponsored athlete.

Shaun started off his sporting career playing rugby at a national level, before a series of injuries forced him to take early retirement from the sport. He then turned his attention to competing in Physique competitions and took the industry by storm by winning WBFF UK, European and Pro World Fitness Model titles all in his first 18 months of competing.

Shaun has gone on to model for brands such as Versace Intensive, Nike, EA Sports and Lululemon Athletica. He is also a widely published fitness writer, model, and columnist, featuring in magazines such as Muscle & Fitness, Men’s Health, Physique Mag, UltraFIT and Men’s Fitness.

Shaun is currently the owner-operator of London’s premier performance gym, City Athletic where he also works as a Personal Trainer.

His specialisation areas are:

  • Fat Loss & Competition Prep
  • Strength/Conditioning Training

Location: City Athletic

6 Trump Street, London EC2V 8AF

Closest Tube Station: Bank


Shaun Stafford


James C. Mitchell

James is the founder of the Elite personal training studio Six3Nine in the heart of Covent Garden. With experience in the fitness industry spanning over a decade, he created this unique PT Studio with his vision on how health and fitness should be delivered. Each Personal Trainer at Six3Nine receives the ongoing educational support, they need to ensure the coaching they deliver is truly in line with their scientific, research driven approach.

James has also competed in the prestigious WBFF and achieved the Pro Muscle Model status. He also has written for numerous national publications, including The Telegraph, The Metro and Men’s Health and is sponsored by Vascular Wear and is a Kinetica Ambassador.

“I have coached hundreds of clients, including many celebrities and business leaders. I have a no nonsense personality and totally committed to delivering honest results.”

Location: Six3Nine

41-44 Great Queen Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2B 5AD

Closest Tube Station: Covent Garden


James C. Mitchell


Lee Constantinou

Lee Constantinou is a Body Transformation Coach, WBFF Pro Fitness Model, Athlete and USN Sponsored Athlete.

Lee prides himself in leading by example and that is just what he has done. Having attained several titles as a natural physique athlete, including two UK titles (BNBF Junior Champion 2011 & WBFF UK Fitness Model Champion 2015), Lee focuses on inspiring, motivating and educating others to achieve their goals.

As well as one-to-one personal training sessions, Lee also has a very successful online training platform which offers a variety of packages:

  • Contest Preparation packages
  • Get Lean: Transformation package
  • Get Mass: Transformation Package

Contact: Lee Constantinou


Lee Constantinou


Jason Patmore

Jason Patmore is the founder and the lead Trainer of the thriving JDP Health and Fitness Personal Training in the heart of London’s Liverpool Street. He is an ex-army Physical Training Instructor and WBFF/Miami Pro Physique Model.

During his time in the HM Forces his job was to work helping numerous soldiers in their fight to improve or maintain their fitness. He also conducted rehabilitation support training to soldiers returning from Afghanistan and Iraq with a plethora of injuries and disabilities.

With his vast experience and expertise within the fitness industry, Jason has built a rapidly growing company in which its team covers all aspects of health and fitness from bodybuilding, Pilates and ballet fitness.

Jason’s specialities consist of:

  • Fat Loss
  • Bodybuilding
  • Sport Specific Training
  • DTP Training

Location: JDP Health and Fitness, Liverpool Street

1-3 Cobb St, City of London, E1 7LB

Closest Tube Station: Liverpool Street Station and Aldgate/Aldgate East


Jason Patmore


Ruben Tabares

Ruben Taberes began his career as a ballet dancer studying at the famous Royal Ballet School. He then went on to competing in athletics, becoming an England and Great Britain international 400m hurdler.

Well known for achieving great results in a short amount of time, Ruben is one of the world’s most in-demand strength and conditioning coaches. Being a competitive athlete, Ruben specialises in developing an athlete’s speed, power and all round athletic ability and is an expert in technical running. His unique approach to training, putting clients through their “adaptation” process to strengthen the tendons and ligaments in the joints before putting them through their strength and conditioning phase, ensures all his clients are achieving optimal results.

He has worked with a huge number of clients, some of which include the likes of David Haye,

P Diddy and Tinie Tempah but he don’t just train with top athletes and celebrities, he takes on a wide range of physical abilities and always gets results.

Location: Mandarin Oriental

66 Knightsbridge, 
London, SW1X 7LA

Closest Tube: Knightsbridge


Ruben Tabares


Bradley Simmonds

Bradley Simmonds is the head trainer and co-founder of You’re Fit Fitness, ex professional footballer at Queen’s Park Rangers and top Celeb Personal Trainer.

After suffering various injuries, Bradley decided to go into personal training and after a short period of time, working his way up through the industry, he is now a top trainer to the stars including Made In Chelsea’s Sophie Hermann and Lucy Watson. He also trains elite sports persons such as Chelsea Football Club’s John Terry.

Bradley has also set up a successful business, You’re Fit Fitness camps which he runs with colleague and fellow footballer Joey Jones. These camps are run on set dates during the week at a variety of parks and commons around London, designed to give you a full bodied workout in the great outdoors.

As well as offering first class training, Bradley also ensures clients receive sound nutritional and fitness advice and has a selection of online E-books available to download through his website.

Contact: Bradley Simmonds



Bradley Simmonds


Russ Harris

Russ Harris is a senior trainer at the reputable Personal Training Studio in the centre of Covent Garden, Six3Nine.

Russ is renowned for being creative and with his degree in Sports Science and his soon to be Masters in Strength and Conditioning, you can guarantee he knows his stuff! Russ is known for applying his knowledge in innovative ways and conjuring up new and wonderful ideas and exercises to ensure his clients receive the best possible training to compliment their goals and progress.

Given Russ’ superior knowledge and achieving lasting results with clients, he has also begun to start educating and mentoring PT’s and fitness enthusiasts within the industry by hosting monthly seminars and workshops.

“Being creative and innovative comes from having a comprehensive understanding of the basics. I pride myself on being able to use this creativity to teach my clients new skills and develop their abilities.”

Location: Six3Nine

41-44 Great Queen Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2B 5AD

Closest Tube Station: Covent Garden



Russ Harris


Tim Hayes

Tim Hayes is one of the UK’s leading Personal Trainers. He has worked with a variety of clients from A-list celebrities to your full time mum.

In addition to his personal training, he also has a Diploma in Sports Science, a qualified diet and nutrition coach, certified boxing coach, Kettlebell instructor and also has specialist credentials in pre and post natal exercise, corrective exercise, core conditioning and scientific back management. With this endless list of qualifications and credentials to his name, you can see why he is highly sought after by his clients.

Tim has worked with a number of stars and international models and helped them achieve their ideal shape in preparation for their work commitments and public events and more importantly changes individuals lifestyles and works to improve/eliminate any underlying health conditions.

Contact: Tim Hayes

42 Lichfield Road, London, NW2 2RG

Closest Tube: Willesden Green or Kilburn


 Tim Hayes


Matt Williams

Ex-Ballet Dancer Matt had a fruitful career working as a professional dancer with companies around Europe and calls upon his knowledge in this field and his passion for a healthy lifestyle to inspire other to surpass their own expectations of what they can achieve. Matt also works at JDP Health and Fitness on Liverpool Street.

Since his retirement from the ballet world, Matt has obtained his Level 3 qualification and has since furthered his education by qualifying as an Advanced Functional Trainer, Fat Loss Expert and holds a qualification in Pre-Post Natal exercise.

By combining his passions of fitness and dance, he has taken his training and coaching to the next level and now has a specialised “Ballet Fitness Package” available to clients at JDP in which is guaranteed to improve core, posture and mobility as well as promoting the lengthening of muscles in the body for a longer and leaner physique.

Location: JDP Health and Fitness, Liverpool Street

1-3 Cobb St, City of London, E1 7LB

Closest Tube Station: Liverpool Street Station and Aldgate/Aldgate East


Matt William's Personal Trainer



Louise Parker

With her 18 years of experience in the industry, Louise has dedicated her life to helping clients improve their wellbeing in both the UK and internationally. She is known for her success in her Body Transformation Programs and is considered a leading weight loss expert.

Louise has worked with a number of high profile clients and constantly seeks to evolve her approach to ensure her clients receive the most proven method of fat loss through her programs. Based in Belgravia, she and her team deliver her own method in the most professional and accessible manner.

With 5 different packages you can choose from Optimum Weight Loss to The Exclusive, Louise will cater for any level of fitness and also caters to clients who can sign up worldwide!

Location: Louise Parker

2 Eaton Gate, London, SW1W 9BJ

Closest Tube: Knightsbridge


Scarlet Hollands

Scarlet is qualified Personal Trainer who works at Gymbox Bank, professional ballerina, competitive UKBFF Bikini Model/Athlete and blogger.

Ex professional ballerina Scarlet, studied and graduated the prestigious Royal Ballet School before dancing professionally in European Companies and representing the UK whilst touring around the world. Due to injury, she turned her attention to fitness to rehabilitate and successfully began transforming her own physique. This then lead to her competing in her first national bodybuilding show at the age of 23. Alongside this she completed her personal training diploma and now works  as a body transformation specialist and competition prep coach.

With both her ballet background and strength and conditioning expertise, Scarlet has proven she has many strings to her bow and by combining both skills, she has her own unique way of working with clients ensuring they achieve top results.

Location: Gymbox Bank



Scarlet Hollands Fitness trainer


Richard Scrivener

Richard is a Personal Training Coach with over 10 years experience within the industry. He has worked as a health, fitness and nutrition lecturer, strength and conditioning coach and nutritional therapist.

Richard uses his experience to provide a personalised training approach which incorporates the most effective evidence based training which is interactive, progressive and allows clients to explore the boundaries of their physicality. This, plus always seeking to stay on top of the latest research means he can create advanced and individual programs to compliment his clients’ lifestyle and physical needs.

Richard is also a renowned Animal Flow Master Trainer. Animal Flow is an innovative form of training which combines ground-based movement with elements of various bodyweight-training disciplines to create a fun, challenging workout emphasizing multi-planar, fluid movement.

Location: TRAIN Fitness, Southwark

Unit 2A Moonraker Point, Pocock Street, London, SE1 0FN

Closest Tube Station: Southwark


Richard Scrivener


Hollie Grant

Hollie is an award winning STOTT pilates instructor (Mat and Reformer Pilates) and personal trainer specialising in body transformations. She is also the creator of “The Model Method”, an innovative workout that combines HIIT, weight training and reformer pilates.

Her love and interest of pilates came when she was training for her hardest charity event to date which consisted of running 7 marathons in 7 days and Hollie found that Pilates helped her training and also has sculpted ad changed her body shape for the better.

Hollie uses her expertise in her multiple disciplines to put together a unique 1:1 program for her clients. By working with different aspects of fitness, her clients achieve results faster then by solely using one method of training and this coupled with a detailed nutritional plan is how “The Model Method” was created.

Very much aimed for women, Hollie is sure to whip you into shape wether that is to lose weight, gain strength or recover from giving birth, she has the tools to build a better body and most of all self confidence.

Location: Pilates PT

New King’s Road, SW6


Hollie Grant Personal Trainer


Zanna Van Dijk

Zanna is not only a notable Personal Trainer and Nutrition Consultant, she is taking the fitness world by storm. She is currently a fitness blogger/vlogger, international fitness model and face of the current Tommy Hilfiger Sports Collection, co-founder of the #girlgains movement and frequent writer for national publications such as Women’s Health, Mens Fitness and Women’s Fitness.

Zanna is dedicated to helping clients achieve long lasting results. She specialises in body sculpting, fat loss, strength and conditioning. Currently studying a masters degree in Sports Nutrition, Zanna is not short of knowledge. With both her training and nutrition expertise, you can be sure her clients receive the very best from Zanna and surpass their goals and expectations. Her client base is varied and diverse and every sessions combines intense training and sweat with a lot of fun!

Being the busy lady she is, Zanna takes great care in working with her clients so that means she will only take on limited number of clients at any one time to ensure they receive her full time and attention. If you want to train with Zanna make sure you get in touch fast as places are limited!

Location: LOMAX, Chelsea

293 Fulham Road, London, SW10 9PZ


Zanna Van Dijk Personal Trainer


Dan Lawrence

Dan Lawrence has over 9 years experience as a Personal Trainer and Strength and Conditioning Coach. He has worked with a variety of clients ranging from elite level boxers and top level footballers to world famous models and company CEOs.

Dan started his Personal Training career at the popular health club, Virgin Active. It was here he began to excel in his field and combined his practical activities with formal studying which eventually lead to him becoming a top trainer at Virgin Active winning PT of the Year in 2008 for his results obtained and progress in the industry. His quick rise to success lead to him helping open a new branch of Virgin Active in Twickenham Rugby Stadium and working here gave him great exposure to more elite level athletes and it was then Dan decided to start focusing more on training the top athletes in the industry.

Dan now co-owns company Train2Win Boxing which ultimately gives boxers both amateur and professional the training outside of the ring to help them with strength and conditioning and to maximize their performance.

Location: Train2Win



Dan Lawrence Personal Trainer



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