Personal Trainer Cost London

Personal Trainer Cost: Price List fom the Top Fitness Gyms in London

Personal Trainer Cost: Price List fom the Top Fitness Gyms in London

Team JDP takes the leg work out of looking for a PT and gives you a Price List from the Top Fitness Gyms in London.

Whilst lots of people are happy to spend money on a night out or city breaks, the cost of a personal trainer is always seen as expensive or something only reserved for celebrities. So are fitness coach really worth the money and what do you get for that fee?

We decided to look around some of the top gyms in London and decide if fitness instructors are worth the money.

No.1 Fitness.

No.1 Fitness has several clubs located across London. We looked in particular at their 12 week transformation package. The total price of the package is £2525. For that you receive 3 sessions a week over a twelve month period and a 1 hour nutrition consultation. That may seem like a lot to spend but it works out at around £70.00 a session. They say themselves that “This package is for people who are truly serious about reaching their goals.”


No1 Fitness

Paleo Gym London

The 12 week ‘build it’ program from Paleo Gym London is very similar in approach to that of No.1 Fitness. You again receive the same three sessions a week and nutrition consultation. This package works out at a price of £2160 for the 12 weeks or £60 a session. The one big difference is you get a full gym membership alongside that.


Paleo Gym London


Ignite PT

The 12 week transformation offered by Ignite PT is run by trainer Daniel Stevens. For the price of £1320 you receive 2 sessions a week with Daniel. As always a nutritional consultation is there too as well as online support. This breaks down to £55.00 a session.


Ignite PT


JDP Health & Fitness

The 12 week transformation package from JDP costs £1800 for the twelve weeks of training. For this you receive 3 personal training sessions a week, full nutritional support and macro-nutrient breakdown as well as comprehensive training plans for outside your 1-1 sessions. This breaks down to £50.00 per session.


JDP Health and Fitness


Platinum Training

Platinum Training offer the “Get Fit Quick package” it is their most popular package and has been part of Platinum Training for the last 5 years.

It’s based on the client training 4 times per week. It also includes a diet guide. They tailor every pack for each client. They charge £500 for a months training. This breaks down to £32.00 a session.


Platinum Training


Ten Health & Fitness

The guys at Ten have a wide range of packages on their website for all to see. The pricing is based on the number of sessions purchased.

They have studios all over London, ranging from Notting Hill to the City. The cheapest rate you can purchase Personal Training for is £2380 for 35 sessions. This breaks down to £68.00 a session.


Ten Health Fitness



The biggest thing to take away from looking at this is how few personal training companies and trainers don’t advertise their price online. To understand how much a standard 12 week transformation package costs, with most companies, you either need to email the company or even worse head down to the gym for a consultation.

It starts to make the consumer feel like there is something to hide or facilitate the possibility that each client is getting a different deal. We genuinely believe in transparency at JDP Health & Fitness hence why every single one our package prices are displayed clearly online.

As we can see though the majority of sessions boil down to an average of between £50.00- £70.00 a session. Now as a 1-1 session price this is very reasonable for a trainer, however, the accumulation of a 12 week price can make it seem quite daunting.

Saying that, in our experience making such a conscious decision to make a change to your health and fitness and then committing to it financially is where the real transformation take place.

The added commitment of parting with a large portion of your hard earned wage makes for an even more focused client who is almost guaranteed, with the right guidance, to make a significant change to their body composition.

author: jasonpatmore

I am a Personal Trainer and coach based in Liverpool Street.


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