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Tips to be the Best Personal Trainer

Tips to be the Best Personal Trainer

Team JDP investigates- What Makes the Best Personal Trainer?

Personal Trainers can be a great asset but a bad one can do more harm then good. Finding the right trainer is imperative to ensuring you, as the client, receive the most from working with a personal fitness instructor by surpassing expectations and achieving your goals.

Many people hire a PT coach to help them get started on their fitness journey. Any trainer can show you around a gym, teach you how to use the equipment, take you through workouts but a “good” PT/Coach can do all of the above while also providing a progressive and individual nutritional and training program that will guarantee results. Let me share with you my opinion on what 3 qualities a “top” Health Trainer should possess:

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As a London based Personal Trainer, you are based in a city that is filled with PT’s alike but what makes the individual and stand out from the others? The number one thing that a potential client looks for is results and with that comes versatility of the PT.

Standing Out From The Crowd

A gym instructor who has minimal strings to their bow is limited in how they can work with various clients. You can’t just teach the same format or program to all clients as this will not be beneficial for either party and more importantly not achieve the goals set.

With my background as a professional ballerina and my additional qualifications within my diploma, I am able to cover many aspects of fitness from strength & conditioning training and Pilates to increasing flexibility, posture and alignment and working with GP’s to help clients work with and overcome/manage certain injuries and illnesses. It is being flexible that attracts the client to the PT and will re-assure achievement of results which ultimately is why they have come to you in the first place.

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Being a “top” gym trainer means not just networking to attract clients or following the “one in one out” rule, but establishing a strong, lasting relationship with each of them. They spend their days working closely with a revolving door of personalities and its being attuned to each client and their needs as they push through their workouts that will keep them motivated and optimistic to want to make changes and adhere to their new lifestyle.

Many clients who come through the door may not utter a word and just smash through their session in silence while others may use their time to workout and also feel comfortable to offload to which being a friendly listener and supporter will be appreciated. Understanding a clients lifestyle and happenings outside of the gym, allows you to govern how to approach sessions and making each session valuable to the client not just physically but emotionally too.

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“Leading by example”

This is one of the most divisive issues there is when it comes to a PT or Fitness Instructor. Do trainers have to look the part? If so what is that? Does a trainers physicality affect “how good” they are as a personal trainer? Opinions around this matter are varied but it boils down to the trainer being a role model to the client. We should set by example.

Our clients come to us for guidance on how to better themselves whether that is to lose weight, gain muscle size or just generally improve their level of fitness so if your trainer is not representing themselves as the pinnacle of fitness then how is it right to advise and instruct clients to do so otherwise.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that someone who “doesn’t look the part” isn’t a great trainer with a head full of knowledge but healthy eating, physical activity, and stress management all play a part, so as a gym coach, you’d likely be putting as much effort into your own wellness as you are coaching your clients which is how I choose to represent myself.

author: jasonpatmore

I am a Personal Trainer and coach based in Liverpool Street.


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