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PT Manager and JDP Top Trainer Matt Williams gives you his ultimate 28 day fat loss diet plan.

You train hard 3-4 times a week yet you still can’t seem to shift that last bit of fat covering up those hard earned results.
What if I told you that in 28 days you could radically change your body and performance?
What is the missing link for this kind of progress ?

A solid nutrition plan, that you adhere to.

 Making it to the gym, your personal training session or your spin class may seem like it’s near impossible at times, but in the grand scheme of things, an hour out of your day to push yourself to your limits is relatively easy as you know it will end quickly, and it is only a fraction of your day. Controlling what goes on your plate the other 23 hours of the day is the hard part, and is also where 95% of people fall short of looking and feeling how they could. You simply cannot out train a bad diet.

What’s the best Diet for me??

Eating clean vs eating dirty, eating paleo, vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, dairy free, Atkins diet, low carbs vs low fats. The range of magic diets promising results is endless. The hard reality is that the numbers need to add up and there is no short cuts. In short you need to eat less than you burn to lose weight. It’s a harsh truth we all try to avoid. For your body to have a reason to burn body fat, which is basically just a storage of fuel, you must be in a calorie deficit, which is burning more than you are consuming.
Now I’m not saying “Quick take all your food away and you’ll look great !”. The key is a well thought out, measured approach with a balanced diet containing the right amounts of Protein, Carbs and Fats. Anyone can crash diet and lose weight, but then pile it straight back on once they start eating again after lasting about a week, that’s not what we’re after! We want fat loss, not weight loss, otherwise you’re just sending all your hard earned muscle down the drain. Given that the more muscle you can hold onto the better you will look, and the more calories you’ll continue to burn (which means you get to eat more!) It’s easy to see why we want to do our best to target the fat!
There is a lot of number crunching that goes into creating a diet plan that fits each individual. For an indepth, bespoke nutrition plan, you are best to enlist the help of a professional  (JDP Health & Fitness for example) to tailor something to your body size, activity level, metabolic needs, and specific goals.

What should my diet look like?

For an example though, here is a sample diet for ‘Jim’, who is an 80kg, office working male who trains 2-3 times per week in the gym. This diet plan should net Jim a fat loss rate of 0.5kg of body fat per week. So for a quick 28 day strict diet, Jim will lose around 2kg of body fat and totally change the look of his physique and get rid of his unwanted belly fat before his beach holiday.
Sample Diet >>>
Meal One: 50g Oats + 100g Greek Low Fat Yoghurt + Cinnamon
6 Egg Whites + 2 Whole Eggs + 10ml Extra Virgin Olive Oil + Assorted Fibrous Vegetables
Meal Two: 4 Wholemeal Rice Cakes + 30g Natural Peanut Butter
150g Tuna + Side Salad
Cup of Herbal Tea
Snack: 40g Mixed Nuts
Post Workout: 1 Banana
Protein Shake
Meal Three: 150g Chicken Breast + 10ml Coconut Oil
1/2 Avocado + Salad or Fibrous Vegetables
This is tailored to Jim’s individual needs, but feel free to change the portion sizes to suit your size and activity levels if the food choices appeal to you.

Now for the good news!

One meal a week you get all to yourself and can eat whatever you please!
That pizza you’ve been eyeing up all week, or those burgers you have to walk past everyday on your way home are all yours for the taking.
Think about it this way, if you’re strict and follow your plan to a tee all week, that’s 35 meals per week including the Snack and Post Workout. One meal out of those 35 not being to plan is not going to ruin your progress one bit. In fact, a “cheat” meal quite often helps mentally as it gives you something to look forward to as a reward, plus a great mental break at the time. They also help physically as our bodies are much smarter than us and very adaptive to what we put them through, so as we diet on lowered calories, our bodies try to slow down and burn less calories. A big influx of calories that your body isn’t expecting can ramp back up your metabolism and restoke the fat burning furnance for the coming week.
Try out this base diet for 28 days, to the letter, and I guarantee you’ll be surprised at the results if you are honest with yourself and trust the process.
Who knows, this 4 week kick start could be just what you need and inspire you to push yourself to look, feel and perform better than ever before

author: Matt Williams


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