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Does Online Training Really Work?

Does Online Training Really Work?

JDP Top Trainer and Online Coach Jackson Hinch gives you more insight into Online Training and answers the big question- Does Online Training Really Work?

Online Personal Training is the next biggest thing to hit the fitness industry in terms of how people get results. With basically an unlimited amount of choices for who you would like as your Trainer, with the ability to research prior clients transformations or what said Trainer actually does in terms of fitness themselves, you can definitely find someone who fits what you’re looking for. The big question remains though, Does Online Training Actually Work?

How can someone who hasn’t met you in person, isn’t with you a few hours a week, and may not have ever even heard your voice help you reach your fitness potential ?

Impossible some might say, the results say otherwise.

Online Personal Training

Let’s make a case study of JDP Trainer Matt Williams and myself. Matt decided he wanted something new to chase in terms of fitness goals and he decided on stepping completely out of his comfort zone and aiming to compete in a Powerlifting competition. I, as JDP’s Strength Specialist and Online Powerlifting Coach, was more than ready to help.

Matt, having trained in the gym for a couple of years previously and also performing as a professional ballet dancer was no beginner to fitness, his strength level was well above that of a person new to the gym environment, with one rep maxes (1RMs) of 132.5kg on the Squat, 90kg on the Bench Press, and 170kg on the Deadlift. His days of easy gains were behind him so he needed the extra help to continue moving forward.

While Matt and I work together day to day, Matt was provided with minimal in person coaching, and received the same base package of programming and initial rechnique report that any online client would do. Also training abroad for 3-4 weeks in Australia meant Matt received feedback on videos of his lifts and had to work his own way through his sessions.


Here is an excerpt from Matt’s Initial Technique Report describing some technical changes for him to make to his Bench Press descent –

“When you get handed out the bar, breath in deep, right down into your lower back again and hold it the entire rep. Don’t rush starting your descent, when you start your descent I want you to picture pulling your chest up to the bar and trying to squeeze two oranges under your armpits if that makes sense. This will create the Upper Back tightness you’re lacking and let the Lats take the load while creating tension at the Shoulder joint so you get the pop off the chest at any weight.”

This is a very small portion of the bespoke technical report he received, analyzing and giving solutions to any technical issues he may have. As you can see very detailed ideas and body positions can be conveyed in words without any physical demonstration.

During the 12 weeks of training and peaking for his competition Matt continued to improve on the technique front with all lifts coming up as expected. Never missing a rep at all during the entire training cycle, while still pushing the boundaries enough to make progress, this is the sign of smart programming.

Online Personal Training

By the end of the 12 weeks Matt stepped on the platform and hit personal bests across the board. Squatting 152.5kg, Benching 100kg, and Deadlifting a huge 190kg for an overall increase of 50kg in total, all to competition standard. A massive result and all with just an online training package to guide his way.

Now online training isn’t a magic bullet, it’s takes a certain coach to be able to make it work and it is obviously second to one to one personal training, but it does deliver results. Provided you stick to the plans and advice, and have enough motivation and discipline to do the sessions on your own, then online training will deliver far better results than if you go at it solo.

With many more stories like Matt’s as success stories for Online Personal Training, regarding Strength Training and also Body Transformations, it is easy to see that it definitely works!

author: Matt Williams


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