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JDP Top Trainer and Online coach Jackson Hinch explains what to look out for online so you can choose the best trainer for you.

Choosing the right Trainer or Coach in your own gym can be a tough call, you have to rely on the information you have available to make the right call, and really it’s just your best guess.

Now times that by 100 and you’re trying to find the right Trainer or Coach online, it’s an even bigger ask. Without knowing them in person, and with a far greater number of coaches available due to the removal of location as a limitation you really have your work cut out for you.

Here is our list of top tips on how to weed out the pretenders, say no to the salesmen, and end up with the Online Trainer who is best to meet your needs.

1) Don’t be limited by location.

Many of the world’s best Trainers are spread out right across the globe, just because your cousin’s friend got trained by Mr X in the next city over doesn’t mean that they’re going to be the best Trainer for you. Location is meaningless in terms of Online Trainers, your best fit could be in an entirely different country, don’t just search in your immediate area and go for online because it’s cheaper than in person training. Venture outwards and make the most of the ability to pick from any Trainer the world over.

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2) Success leaves footprints.

Just because someone talks a big game and promises results of X, Y, and Z doesn’t mean that they’ll deliver. Look for previous success’ from Trainers. If they promise you fat loss, look for clients who they have gotten leaner. If they promise you strength, look for clients they have gotten stronger. Any Trainer worth their salt will have testimonials, before and afters, and samples of progression for clients just like you. Do your research first, and don’t jump at the first cheap promise of success.

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3) Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.

First impressions are important don’t get me wrong, and I’m the first one to emphasise that a Trainer should be an example and role model, looking the part and living the life that they are expecting you to. But don’t fall for the trap of the best looking physique, or strongest lifts, or most Instagram followers being a way of qualifying a Trainer as the best. With angles, lighting, filters, photoshop, and even just plain old better genetics pretty much anyone can look great in a few photos, this does not qualify them as the best Coach, look into what they know not what they look like.

Put it this way, it’s not always the best sportsmen who make the best Coaches so why would it be any different in the fitness world.

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4) Walk the Walk, and Talk the Talk.

Now to go with the points above, here’s something else to add to the mix. If your potential Trainer is out of shape and has more bodyfat than you do, then why would you trust them to get you leaner? Equally if your Coach in question is weaker than most and you’re asking them to get you strong then don’t you think you’re barking up the wrong tree?

Look for a Trainer with a mix of practical experience and results to show for themselves, as well as the theoretical knowledge to help you reach your goals. There are always pointers, tips and tricks that can’t be learnt in a textbook, unless your Trainer has in the trenches experience and results to show for themselves then I would save your money for elsewhere.

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5) Evidence of Knowledge goes a long way.

Now not every successful Coach or Trainer has a degree or PhD in sports science, some of the very best only have a Personal Training Certificate but if the person you’re looking into has zero qualifications in fitness I wouldn’t bother going any further with them, look elsewhere. There is no policing of who can call themselves and Online Fitness Coach or Personal Trainer, or who can sell Online Training Programmes.

People do one bodybuilding show and call themselves a Bodybuilding Coach, people do a 12 Week Transformation get abs and call themselves a Body Transformation Specialist. There is no end to the titles or services people will make up or offer. Look for, and even ask for, evidence of a qualification otherwise you could be shooting yourself in the foot before you even start.

6) Stop looking for the Quick Fix.

Any one selling you massive results in a matter of days or just a few weeks is an instant red flag. These salesman are only there to take your money. Nothing worth having ever comes quickly, and believe me having a body you’re proud of is worth having. Stop looking at the Trainers offering 5kg of weight loss in 2 weeks, stop looking at the Coaches offering to increase your Bench Press by 200% in 3 weeks. These results don’t happen. Period.

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7) Avoid catchphrases and ulterior motives.

To add to the point above look out for anything that involves a “detox”, “cleanse”, “liquid diet”, “residual income” “magic ingredient” or anything similar to these lines. These are catchphrases to get your attention and just draws you into the spiders web. Generally supplement companies that aren’t available in stores but are run through somewhat of a pyramid scheme will use these, promising massive results in a short timeframe, and even offering for you to make some money out of it. Steer clear of any Trainers or Coaches promoting this as they are likely going to give you supplements or diet aids you don’t need in order for you to spend more money.

Following these simple tips and tricks when picking out an Online Trainer should make your job a lot easier, and help narrow down who is best for you and what results you want to achieve. With Online Trainers being a dime a dozen it can be a very daunting task to find the best, and sometimes it’s easier to just take the first one you happen to see on Google. Trust me, that could be the biggest mistake of your fitness journey, invest some time and make the right choice!

author: Matt Williams


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