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You can find an App for anything these days and the world of Fitness is no exception. JDP Top Trainer and Online Coach Jackson Hinch gives you his rundown of the Top 30 Fitness Apps.

1) MyFitnessPal

Easily the most well known diet friendly app that allows you to track your calories and macros and make sure you stick to your plan!!


2) Spotify

A music app, but very well loved in the fitness community, nothing better than your favourite music helping you through your workouts.

3) StrongLift 5×5

Easy to follow resistance training programme that allows you to record your progress and takes the guess work out of strength training.

4) Couch to 5K

Another beginner friendly app that can help take your typical couch potato to completing a 5km Run and beyond.

5) FitBit

Coming included with the purchase of a FitBit accessory, letting you count your daily steps, track how many calories you have burnt, and set goals for yourself to reach, FitBit is easy to use and simple to implement into your daily life.


6) Bodyfit TV

Making the lack of equipment or gym membership not be a hinderance in achieving your fitness goals, and making bodyweight training fun and interesting, Bodyfit TV is a full workout in your pocket. The Brain child of Elite Trainer Jason Patmore, Bodyfit TV aims to make exercise assessable for those short on time and space.


7) Instagram

Although not necessarily a fitness app, the amount of information, motivation and free workouts to help you achieve your fitness goals is endless in supply.

8) Map My Run

Making it quick and easy to see how far you have run. Record times, hills, and distances, you can easily track progress and watch your fitness levels increase !

9) Zombies, Run !

Running can be super boring yes ? Well not anymore with this app creating missions and objectives for you to complete and mini games to play with each step getting you closer to your goal.

10) Pokemon GO

Another app that is guaranteed to get you out and about coming with this revival and slight twist of an old classic. With eggs to hatch and Pokemon to catch you are only selong yourself short by not getting out and about.


11) Yonder

Filled with dozens of suggestions for different activities such as hiking, swimming, biking or anything in between, in something to keep you busy simply by entering your current location.

12) Daily Yoga

Made to calm and relax you and also work on flexibility while burning calories, Yoga is a go to fitness activity but classes can be expensive. With detailed tutorials of over 500 poses this is a great app to start with.

13) Nike+ Training Club

With workouts designed and performed by professional athletes Nike delivers again in the fitness department, this time right into you pocket to keep you fit and motivated !

14) SideChef

Finding new and interesting ways to make healthy dishes can be hard, SideChef takes care of this with step by step voice command instructions to save you getting your phone dirty while creating new and exciting body friendly food.


15) Sleep Cycle

Sleep is extremely important to recovery and achieving your fitness goals whatever they may be. This app measures your sleep cycle and also wakes you up when you are in your lightest sleep so you wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day.

16) Power Nap App

Ever have one of those naps where you’re not sure if you slept for 20 minutes or 20 hours ? Power Nap solves this by providing calming sounds to put you to sleep and gently wakes you up with a timer that only goes as high as 30 minutes.

17) DietBet

As the name implies it makes users put their money where their mouth is. If you don’t hit your weight loss targets in the desired time frame you don’t win any money back, if you do you get part of the pot divided up with everyone else who also hit the required target.

18) Rise

One on one appointments with a nutritionist can break the bank, but not this app. You’ll be teamed up with a trained professional who you send pictures of your daily food to and they advise you on what it best to do for whichever goals you are hoping to achieve.

19) Strava Running & Cycling

Keeping track of all of your recent runs and cycles can be tough. Strava puts all of this into easy to understand info graphics with data such as distance, elevation, calories burned, speed and heart rate to name a few.


20) Motion Traxx

This app takes all the guesswork out of which songs you should play when in your workout. With coaching from world class trainers combined with songs picked for each phase of your workout you can’t help but go haRd

21) Sworkit

Sworkit covers all bases of your fitness regime offering workouts customized workouts from yoga to resistance training to speed work to cardio sessions, and with personalized rep/set/exercise selections available you’ll never do the same workout twice.

22) LifeSum

Works in conjunction with an app called RunKeeper which can keep track of your daily output, LifeSum keeps track of the foods you are eating, gives you health ratings of each food as opposed to just calories and macros like other counters. Also with a built in bar code scanner for easy access to nutritional information.

23) Fitocracy

A fitness app for the competitive population. With the ability to set goals for yourself and also compete with your friends online with how many calories you burn, what workouts you have done, and how good your diet can be, it’s easy to get hooked!


24) V-Training

This app allows you to go from being coached by your smartphone to having a Personal Trainer at the touch of a button. You can look up their qualifications, testimonials, sample workouts, and experience before deciding on which Trainer near you is the best.

25) Airplane Yoga

With the amount of travelling we all do these days something to relieve the stress is a must. This app will guide you through various mediation techniques and also flexibility exercises to keep your neck, shoulders and back from getting tight or injured when flying or driving long distances.

26) FitnessBuilder

Pen and paper in the gym is so far outdated. This app allows you to track your sets, reps, weights, rest times and various other aspects of your sessions easily and conveniently. With a catalogue of workouts you can do it’s even better!

27) Pzizz

Creating a different soundtrack every time you use it, Pzizz will keep you training hard and relaxing where necessary. It focuses on calming sounds or upbeat tunes depending what you need at the time, never get bored of your workout beats again !

28) Salute The Desk

Sitting at our work desks day in and day out can reek havoc on our posture and overall feeling. This app gives you stretches and exercises to break up the monotony and keep your body mobile and supple while maintaining correct posture, and also relax when the time comes.


29) YouTube

Another not specifically fitness based app, however the amount of information on here is phenomenal and insanely helpful. From full workouts, to nutrition guidance, to injury prevention and rehab, and everything and anything else, YouTube is indispensable to the fitness enthusiast.

30) Spring Moves

By combining music with a GPS tracker, Spring Moves watches and learns which songs put an extra spring in your step and make you move faster and then creates playlists with all your favourites !

Mixing music with fitness tracker may be one.of the best ideas out there !

author: Matt Williams


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