Benefits of a fitness retreat


While most of us indulge in some well deserved food and drink on our annual summer holidays, Jason Patmore, Founder of JDP Fitness and JDP Fitness Adventure Retreats, tells us why there is a growing number of people resorting to fitness retreats and why they are so beneficial for you.

In todays fast pasted world, its really easy to get lost in the daily stresses of life, wherever its the daily grind of work, family or finances, it all just seems never ending.

By running constant errands, we don’t give our bodies enough time to relax, recharge and recoup, therefor a Fitness Retreat could be the perfect opportunity your body and mind, for that matter, to get back to an optimum level of wellness.

With so many different retreats out there, you will always finds what fits you. wherever its a Detox Retreat in Ibiza, a Yoga Getaway in Bali or am Adventure Retreat in Pyrenees, theres always something there for you.

Unwind: If you travel into the city every morning, hustling through the busy streets, queuing for your daily morning coffee…before you even get to your desk to start the day, then your already stressed to the max before 9:00am! Taking yourself away from the daily rat race to unwind in different surroundings could help you reset those stress points and get you back to working ways! Waking up to the fresh mountain air or enjoying a kale smoothie before you set off your daily retreat routine could be the BIGGEST blessing in disguise.

Benifits of a fitness retreat



Having targets to reach, accounts to run and meetings to attend makes you not able to switch off, even when you get home from work. Everything is a reminder of work. When your surrounded by unfamiliarities, talking to different people and doing something out of the ordinary, your mind then has to adjust from the norm, leaving all your work and family stresses behind.


You don’t have to have the busiest profession or even the longest days to be stressed. People deal with stress differently, work, life, social…it doesn’t matter, we all need to relax and unwind somehow. Waking up from the crashes of the waves, enjoying a soothing massage or just relaxing to some yoga by the pool-It all helps.



Pamper yourself:

Retreats provide a great excuse and huge opportunities to indulge in massages, amazing facials and full body scrubs. Some glamorous retreats have 5 star spa facilities on tap that offer various beauty, wellness and Fitness Packages that can leave you energised and rejuvenated.

New friends:

Socialising with the same group of friends, day in day out keeps you in a bubble you never know your actually in until your out of it. Retreats have so many different people, coming from so many different backgrounds, your bound to pick up a few new friends on the way.



In the Urbanised jungle we live and breath in, we forget to to the most important thing-exercise. Getting time to do this sometimes means starting your day earlier or finishing later, leaving you tired and hating it. Fitness Retreats allow you to add this element of health in to your day to day activities. Ensuring you enjoy all the benefits.

Break up the routine:

Routines basically provides structure to our day to day lives. We all have it. Alarms that wake us up, breakfasts that get us going and travel to get us places. Believe it or not, its all the same, well 80% of the time, which makes it a routine. Monotony can have undesirable effects on your mental and physical health so get out of that cycle that is not serving you. Get away, break it up!



Many Health Retreats solely focus on taking care of the aspect of your wellbeing, and this often starts with the food you eat to fuel your body. At home, drinking, smoking, eating foods that aren’t that great for you leave you feeling lifeless, tired, bloated and drained. Taking a few days off, recharging the batteries and fuelling your body with the correct food helps your body reset and learn how to process the right foods. It will also teach you how to eat correctly.

Discover yourself:

Being comfortable at work and life stops you from reaching for the stars, pushing you to new levels and helping you find new loves. Take the plunge, get away and do something you never normally do, enjoy life and seek challanges, youll be suprised what you can do if you put your mind to it.


author: jasonpatmore

I am a Personal Trainer and coach based in Liverpool Street.


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