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The Top 10 Best Online Personal Trainers

The Top 10 Best Online Personal Trainers


Online Personal Training is becoming more and more popular, as are Online Fitness Apps. Due to a variety of reasons, mostly conveinence, value and efficiency. As the world around us gets busier and busier, office hours get longer and longer, commutes get longer, and our health and fitness priorities seem to take a backseat, the ability to quickly and easily access information and workouts is second to none. This list compiles some of the 10 best Online Personal Trainers and Fitness Apps that are available on the market today.

Jackson Hinch

1) My Fitness Pal

Having been one of the first apps available on smartphones for tracking nutrition, and having one of the largest databases in the world of barcodes, products and nutritional information My Fitness Pal has been at the forefront of the fitness app market for a long time. Having a free version with limited accessibility, and a paid version which can tell you the exact breakdown of the foods you input and also give you targets to hit each day depending on your goals, size, gender and age. One of the most downloaded fitness apps available with constant bug fixes and upgrades, it will consitently meet the majority of the demands you throw at it. Unfortunately it can’t lose the weight for you though !

£7.99/month or £80/year

My Fitness Pal

2) David Kingsbury

Having trained actors and actresses such as Hugh Jackman, Ryan Reynolds, and Jennifer Lawrence, David Kingsbury is one of Hollywood’s top trainers. Getting people in shape for big movie roles is his niche. He also now trains the general public in an online format, getting a peek into how your favourite stars get in shape, what’s not to like ?! Including work out plans of High Intensity Intervals and also Resistance Training, along with individualised nutrition plans, you have every base covered and the steps to your best ever physical shape laid out in front of you.

£199/12 weeks

David Kingsbury

3) Jason Patmore

Delivering body transforming results on a weekly basis, Jason Patmore is somewhat of an expert at getting busy professionals in the best shape of their lives. No matter where you are, London, Manchester, or even New York, you will be guided through the process of fat loss while retaining muscle mass safely and efficiently. Full plans including workouts and nutrition, plus constant messaging support and a weekly phone call for more indepth questions, means that you can get rid of the fat once and for all.

Packages starting from £399

Online Personal Training

4) Freeletics Bodyweight

Part of the Freeletics Fitness Apps range, this is their most popular option due to the ability to work out anywhere, anytime, with anyone. With workouts ranging from 5-30 minutes in length, and from

beginner to advanced levels of exercises you end up with over 900 workout variations covering all muscle groups and any goal you have, be it fat loss, muscle building, or simply get a bit fitter. A free version with exercise variations and plans is available with a paid version which includes “The Coach” as your personalised digital trainer, and the ability to personalise the entire app. Over 5 million downloads and counting it is easy to see the satisfied client base.

In App Purchases Ranging Between £10.39-£119.99


5) FitBit

Everyone these days has one on their wrist, opting for fitness rather than accessorising it’s easy to see the increased popularity. Although you have to buy the phyical item, this still counts as Online Fitness due to the accessibility and versatility the App provides. More than just your typical pedometer, FitBit provides you with information on Steps, Heart Rate, GPS, Calories, Distance, and even allows you to compete in challenges with friends and compare stats day to day. Free with purchase of a FitBit device it is easy to see why over 10 million people across the world are opting for the FitBit App as their choice of fitness tracker.


6) Jackson Hinch

Powerlifting and Strength Training are fast becoming accepted as one of the best ways to change your body. Jackson’s experience in the trenches of the Strength world make him the man to go to if you’re looking to compete in Powerlifting or just get stronger in general. With technical expertise that is hard to find in any coach these days, and the ability to convey this information to you, your lifts will go skywards and your body composition will dramatically change. Full Technical Report, Programme Design, Nutrition Plan, all bespoke and tailored to you with online support make the training simple yet effective.

Packages starting from £399

Jackson Hinch

7) California Strength

Weightlifting Coaches who know what they’re doing can be extremely hard to find, and with Olympic Lifting being a game of technique, mobility and strength you want the best available. California Strength deliver online coaching that blends the best of american athletics coaching with european expertise and knowledge. With the ideal being to train in person for Olympic Lifting, online coaching offers a slightly less efficient option but much better than going at it solo. With a range of programmes ranging from complete beginner to advanced lifter, and 3-10 workouts per week, they can tailor a programme that best suits your needs.

Prices starting from $20/month

california strength

8) Scott Laidler

Your comprehensive training programme and meal planner is written bespoke for you using all of the knowledge Scott has gained in his ten years working in the fitness industry at the highest level. His online coaching gives you the freedom to train on your own schedule and at a very competitive rate compared to in person training. With a team of trainers and nutritionists working for him, you’ll have the knowledge of a team rather than just a single coach at your disposal. Having worked with Oscar winning actors, Paralympic athletes and military service personnel you know you’re getting one of the best.

Packages starting from £175

scott laidler

9) Ultimate Performance Fitness

Once named one of London’s best personal trainers it is easy to see why getting access to UP’s extensive knowledge and experience from their team of coaches is an attractive offer. Obviously their in person personal training is where the best results are made, but the aim of their online coaching is to give you the same level of education and training but at a fraction of the price. Clients get a plan including nutrition, supplements, and training information while also being able to get on going support through email or FaceTime. No automated messages or responses like some other online coaches so you can see why you get maximum value for the higher cost.

£299 for a one month package

Ultimate Performance

10) BodyFit TV

Busy professionals are always time poor. Finding the time to get a workout in is almost as hard as the workout itself. BodyFit TV have solved this issue by putting together 20 minute high intensity workouts to help you change your physique and reach your fitness goals. With video tutorials on how to perform the exercises, and a virtual trainer and workout partner it’s easy to feel involved and motivated to put together a hard 20 minute session in between your other commitments. The best part is it’s free !! Simply signing up to the website you get sent the workouts along with videos of how to perform them. With very few downsides it’s easy to see why people are in love with BodyFit TV.


author: Matt Williams


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