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Powerlifting World Champion and JDP Personal Trainer Jackson explains why you can’t afford to not have an online coach.

What if I was to tell you that you had access to basically any Trainer you wanted to help you for your training? Well that is now a reality.

Any Personal Trainer or Coach in the fitness industry worth their salt these days has expanded into the online platform of training their clients. The Internet has completely revamped how you can approach your training and who you can get to assist you on your journey.


Specifically from a Powerlifting perspective having access to the best Coaches who are specific to the sport is invaluable. Your general Personal Trainer isn’t going to cut it when it comes to getting you as strong as possible and getting you ready for the platform. There is a lot of programme designs, technical and nutritional ideas, and nuances that are specific to the sport.

The hardest part is finding the right Coach. Every “fitness celebrity” on Instagram or YouTube does one Powerlifting meet and then starts selling programmes claiming to be experienced or tries to give one size fits all technical advice saying they’re an expert. So your first point of call is find someone with experience in the trenches as well as the qualifications and expertise to deliver their promised results. Look for professionalism, communication, and most importantly results!!


Powerlifting competitions can be scary to the beginner looking at getting into something a bit more competitive. The reality is that there is nothing to be scared of. It is nothing like spending 16 weeks prepping for a bodybuilding competition, powerlifting is a lot more “life friendly”. Getting a good Coach, even online, then makes it even less daunting. Having their experience of not only helping other people compete, but having numerous competitions under their own belt and having been in your shoes before and taking the leap, they know how to help you have the best experience and perform to the best of your abilities.


Online coaching for Powerlifting is great bang for your buck in terms of what you get, or should get if you have picked a decent Coach. From the get go you will be supplied with a programme to get you strong and refine your technique over a matter of weeks, along with a technical report on what to change about how you are lifting. As the weeks go on you’ll receive feedback on your technique, accessory exercises, and any general lifting questions you have. It’s a learning experience as much as an opportunity for you to be the strongest version of yourself

People are always keen on knowing the secret programme that consistently gets you PB’s but unfortunately this doesn’t exist. The more important aspect that will add kilos quickly to your lifts is technique. Honing your technique and optimising your leverages is really a cornerstone in how well you will do at Powerlifting. Given that it is relatively individual on what technique will work for you, you need some experienced eyes to see where you are lacking and what to work on. Practice doesn’t make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect!

If you’ve ever considered Powerlifting or trying to get stronger then look no further. Our Online Powerlifting & Strength Coaching delivers everything you expect and more. Programme Design, Nutrition & Supplementation Support, Technique Report and Ongoing Feedback is everything you need to get strong and lift while staying healthy and injury free. From novice to advanced athletes, young and old, big or small, everyone can benefit from getting stronger.

Powerlifting is a sport for everyone and anyone, taking the first step is always the hardest !


author: Matt Williams


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