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JDP Trainer and Bikini body expert Scarlet Hollands talks about her experiences prepping for The UKBFF 2017 competition.

Hello again, Its been 2 weeks since I have last checked in and a lot has happened in the past 14 days. As usual I will start with my current stats and progression and fill you in with my big news that I have to share with you and what my next move is with regards to training and nutrition.

Beginning Stats: Measurements

Age: 25 Chest: 34.5” – 0.75”)

Height: 5ft 7 (171cm) Waist: 29.75” – 0.5”

Starting weight: 75.9kg Bum: 40.75” – 0.75”

Current Weight: 72.1kg L Thigh: 23.5” – 0.75”

R Thigh: 23.5” – 0.75”

Macros: (Roughly) L Calf: 15.5” – 0.25”

R Calf: 15.5” -0.25”

Calories: 1800 L Bicep: 13.25” – no change

Protein: 250g (+50g) R Bicep: 13.25” – no change

Carbs: 120g (+10g)

Fats: 40g (-20g)

Over the past 2 weeks since I have last checked in with you all its been quite a rollercoaster physically and emotionally. This week marks my 6th week into the my diet and prep for my show and I am starting to feel the strain of prep. Last week I noticed a significant decrease in energy levels. I started to feel lethargic, unmotivated and just low on energy in general. For anyone dieting or in a calorie deficit this is a normal process to go through. The body has less fuel going in therefore as a result, it begins to want to physically move less (exert less energy) to save what fuel is being consumed and particularly when prepping for a show when your output is considerably higher then your input, we begin to feel exhausted, hungry and a little low. Still, I pushed on, got all my cardio and training sessions completed.

Personal Trainer, Liverpool Street

So, the big news. I went into this prep with the idea of potentially working with a coach to help me along the way and take the extra strain off. I toyed with the idea for a few weeks beforehand and eventually decided to have confidence in myself and try and go at it alone. To be fair to myself, I was making steady progress and achieved a lot in the short amount of time but as I started to get more tired, the idea of having a coach to dictate to me exactly what I should do with regards to both training and nutrition became hugely appealing especially when finishing late with clients everyday and having to come home and continue to grind on in Excel whilst documenting, assessing, adjusting my plan as well as updating client plans started to get hard and to be frank, simply tedious. So, I am now officially, as of the last weekend, now being coached by the amazing Mr Eddie Abbew! Eddie is an extremely successful IFBB PRO Bodybuilder (International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness) and has competed numerous times at the prestigious Mr Olympia in USA. He is renowned for is brutal yet constructive approach to helping aspiring individuals prep for fitness shows and his results are incredible with all of his athletes looking in top shape and bringing home numerous trophies.

Personal Trainer, Liverpool Street

I am well into my first week on my new plan with Eddie and absolutely loving life! After an initial consultation, physique/posing check and a discussion of nutrition, he concluded that for 7 days I was to eliminate ALL cardio, train hard as I do every session – only resistance training and he has given me a strict diet plan to follow. I have been and will continue to do this and I head back to Hemel Hempsted on Saturday to check in with Eddie and make adjustments to both plans for the following week. After working with coaches before, being a PT, I would always question what or why something has been implemented in my plan but with Eddie, I walked away 100% confident he knew what he was doing and for the first time, I fully trust someone and their expertise completely! Super excited to see what the next few weeks entail and of course I shall keep you all posted via this blog.


After checking in with Eddie last Friday, during the strict 7 day food plan he has me on, as mentioned earlier, he had eliminated all cardio from my training. This is because he wants to assess the rate in which my body is firing and how efficient my metabolism is working with only whole foods and basic resistance training. No crazy supplements of extra cardio sessions to speed things along and next check in, he can have a look at the results and adjust both plans accordingly. He has ensured I am to train this week exactly as I have been which I will show you below:

Monday: Legs (Quad focus)

Tuesday: Back & Biceps & Abs

Wednesday: Shoulders & Abs

Thursday: Chest & Triceps &Abs

Friday: Legs (Glute & Ham focus)

Saturday: Weak Point Training (Anything I feel is lacking, usually shoulders and back thickness)

Sunday: REST

Due to the slight increase in food, I have felt much more energised this week and as a result sessions have felt more productive and far more enjoyable then they have been. Hoping this continues for as long as possible.


As mentioned at the beginning of my blog, Eddie has completely adjusted my nutrition plan and made it so I am consuming only whole foods, no extra calories wasted on snacks, protein bars etc. No additional supplementation other than the basic whey and casein protein powders and BCAAs (branch chain amino acids). He has structured the plan with 6 “meals” to be consumed every 3 hours. My first meal is scheduled at 8am and my final meal/shake to be consumed at 11pm. This is to ensure the body is receiving adequate food consistently to allow metabolism to keep working as a constant. I am only consuming “real” foods which consist of chicken, salmon, steak, tuna, rice, oats, green veg, blueberries and cashews. He has structured the bulk of my carbohydrates in and around my workout to keep energy high for training and leaving my evening meal lower in carb and higher in fat. Weight has dropped considerably following this plan even with no cardio and higher calories so I hope to check in this weekend with a good amount of progress under my belt and maybe even a small increase in food.

Personal Trainer, Liverpool Street

How I am feeling

After starting with a coach, I feel as though a huge weight has been lifted and I have started to really enjoy prep again. Dieting or prepping for anything whether that is a show, photoshoot, wedding or just for yourself is not supposed to be easy and will always feel like a bit of a rollercoaster at times. It is the hard times and pushing through these that separates the good from the great. Its so easy to give into hunger/temptation/lack of motivation but in doing so what will you achieve? Disappointment? Lower/lack of self confidence? And what for .. a slice of pizza or a cocktail? Stay strong people because the short amount of sacrifice you are making now, will long term mean a complete physical and mental change for the better!

That is all from me this week. Coming to the end of week 6 and feeling great. As ever, any questions/queries with regards to my prep or personal training, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we will be more then happy to help.

For any of my clients or anyone who is currently on their own weight loss journey, stay strong, keep motivated and lets smash another week and get closer to our goals!

author: Matt Williams


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