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JDP Top Trainer and online coach Jackson Hinch explains the top ten benefits of online PT.

How nice would it be to have a Personal Trainer with you every session you were in the gym? You would be able to make sure you were doing all the right exercises having a programme written out for you, have a watchful eye over your technique and making sure you aren’t going to injure yourself, and even have a diet plan done for outside of the gym to make sure that you’re eating towards your goals. Sounds like the fitness regime of a celebrity. Also sounds very expensive and time consuming.

Personal Trainer, Liverpool Street

Online Personal Training may be the answer to your problems.

The old days of the Personal Trainer who just carries your water bottle and counts your reps are over. The client demands more and the quality of trainers coming through is high, so competition and needing to deliver the best results is a must. With the rise in technology it has given the opportunity for a whole new generation of training and getting better results than ever before. The possibilities with Online Personal Training are endless and make some of the world’s top trainers available to the masses, while not having the stringent requirements on your schedule that typical 1-1 Personal Training sessions may have.

Here’s our top 10 reasons why Online Personal Training may be for you.

1) Affordability

The first obvious benefit of Online Personal Training is the cost. It is far cheaper than 1-1 sessions in person. What you pay for 1 hour of time with a Personal Trainer is likely around what you will pay weekly for Online Personal Training, and given that this will include 2-4 or even more sessions per week it is easy to see how it becomes a much more viable option cost/benefit ratio wise.

Personal Trainer, Liverpool Street

2) Scheduling

Given that generally the best trainers are the busiest and that they quite often don’t have sessions available for the peak times that you need to fit around your schedule, Online Personal Training can fix this. With your plan and exercise videos in hand, and your trainers advice in your head you can train whenever suits you and not have to change your already busy schedule.

3) Choice

There are always a fair few gyms or studios within shooting distance of work or home. Each with their own range of Personal Trainers for you to choose from. In the sea of Trainers, your immediate area is just a drop in the ocean, there may be a Trainer who is far better for you who is elsewhere in the country, or the world for that matter. Online Personal Training enables the connection of clients and trainers who would not otherwise meet.

Personal Trainer, Liverpool Street

4) Results

One thing is for sure, results speak for themselves. A quick Google search and you can see numerous cases of Online Personal Training delivering results far above what most people will achieve on their own. It may not seem like it from the outside looking in, but the affects of having a Personal Trainer, even if they are online, changes the intensity at which people will train and makes sure that you’re heading the direction you want to be.

5) Accountability

When training with no one to answer to or check in with it is all too easy to skip reps, sets, exercises or even workouts. Having your own Personal Trainer to check in with at least once a week online, to send videos or notes to, means you’re far less likely to skip out on the sessions as no one likes to let anyone down, and also to waste money already invested in a cause.

Personal Training Liverpool Street

6) Nutrition

With Online Personal Training you generally get a much more thorough plan detailed for you, and quite often this includes Nutrition. Instead of paying once for Training, and once for Nutrition, you get both in one package to make things much simpler and set you on the way to results. Also with your Trainer sorting your whole fitness regime, your Nutrition and Training are far more likely to compliment each other than if you got these from two different sources.


7) Details

When it comes training, the little things matter just as much as the bigger things. Employing Online Personal Training as part of your regime means that you won’t overlook all the finer details as you have someone else doing all the thinking for you. All you have to do is put in the effort without thinking about the reps, sets, exercises, rest times and even the tempo at which you lift the weight, which will all influence your end results !

8) Convenience

With Online Personal Training the ball is literally in your court. You can decide when, where, what gym, who with, even what equipment to some extent as long as it is conducive to your goals. This is a big plus for most people as they can easily fit it in to already busy schedules while also keeping it interesting enough to keep motivation high.

Online Personal Training

9) No Gimmicks

With Social Media these days it is easy to see how successful a Coach or Trainer is, as their social media pages are basically a CV for whether you should hire them or not. This way you can easily see if they have the level of expertise to get you to where you want to be, you won’t have to fall for any salesman gimmicks or smooth talking, the results are right in front of you as to how much of an “expert” your new Trainer really is.

10) Expertise

Following on from the last point, you can find absolute experts in their field, who wouldn’t want to get trained by the best?! Once you reach a certain level in training, whether it is for Bodybuilding, Powerlifting, or even a Body Transformation, you need that extra level of knowledge, experience and explanation. These Trainers are few and far between, Online Personal Training makes them available to you!

If you’re looking for something to take your training to the next level, being trained by some of the best in the game, for a very affordable rate, Online Personal Training may be the next step in your fitness journey. If you get even half of the benefits listed above, your physique, strength and performance are sure to sky rocket to new heights !

author: Matt Williams


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