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JDP Trainer and Bikini body expert Scarlet Hollands talks about her first couple of weeks prep for The UKBFF 2017 competition.

Welcome back! Another week down and another week closer to show day. Lets start with my current stats and I’ll explain the result of these and what my next move is with regards to training and nutrition.

Beginning Stats: Measurements:

Age: 25 Chest: 35.25” – 0.25”)

Height: 5ft 7 (171cm) Waist: 30.25” – 0.25”

Starting weight: 75.9kg Bum: 41.5” – 1”

Current Weight: 73.4kg L Thigh: 24.25” – 1.25”

R Thigh: 24.25” – 1.25”

L Calf: 15.75” + 0.25”

R Calf: 15.75” -0.25”


Calories: 1800 L Bicep: 13.25” – 0.5”

Protein: 200g R Bicep: 13.25” – 0.25”

Carbs: 110g (-20g)

Fats: 60g (+5/10g)

Personal Training, Liverpool Street

This week before doing my measurements I knew I had dropped body fat. Typically I tend not to notice so much this early on but I literally FEEL smaller/tighter this week and the measurements speak for themselves. Compared to last weeks results I have made a loss in almost every body part measured with the exception of my left calf, which I will happily accept that ¼ inch! Very happy to see my bum and thighs have made the most loss and as I said previously, its here I have felt the biggest difference. Ideally I would like to maintain as much size on my derriere however I understand there will be a loss all over as we can’t spot reduce body fat and it will go from everywhere. Ladies reading this, yes we do unfortunately drop a size or 2 in the bust area also as our boobs are predominately fat too so it is one of those sacrifices we have to make unfortunately if you are wanting to drop body fat/tone up. Body weight has also dropped, as expected, and as all my clients know, I hate using the scale as a form of measuring progress as when muscle is involved, it can be extremely deceiving as muscle weights more then fat! Due to the extremity of what I am doing however, I can use the weight measured on the scale to indicate the speed of progress and use this mostly to manage my macros and output in the gym. Ideally I had a rough goal to go on stage at around the 65kg mark however I don’t plan on stressing about hitting this weight. If I step onstage at my current weight and looking lean and defined, I will be absolutely happy with that. As mentioned in my previous blog post, for women weight is not taken into consideration and contributes nothing to the result.


After having a look at my measurements, training wise I plan to do exactly as I have been for the past 3 weeks. Keeping to x6 weight training sessions a week. At the moment it looks a little like this:

Monday: Legs (Compete)

Tuesday: Back & Biceps & Abs

Wednesday: Shoulders & Abs

Personal Training, Liverpool Street

Thursday: Chest & Triceps &Abs

Friday: Legs (Glute & Ham focus)

Saturday: Weak Point Training (Anything I feel is lacking, usually shoulders and back thickness)

Sunday: REST

I have been doing cardio (LISS) 6/7 days a week at 40 mins. This week I plan to increase this very slightly to 45 mins or a “power walk” to/from work (1 hour) and I’ll explain why when I talk about my nutrition and macros.


Macro wise this week, I plan on not really adjusting much as why change what is working so well for me so far? I have dropped my carbs by a small 20g and increased my fats by 5g however, being completely honest, I haven’t been hitting my fats target (55g) consistently over the past week .. Some days falling as low as 30g, which is super low and completely unnecessary at the moment. As a result of this I have felt very lacking in energy this week and feeling hungry a lot so this is why I have implemented this very slight change in my macros to see if I can bump up my energy by increasing fats and making it a priority to hit these everyday. No plans to play around with carb cycling protocols etc as of yet but potentially at a later date when I am a little closer to show day. For now slight change in macros and plan to hit the same calories for another week.

Personal Training, Liverpool Street

How I am feeling:

Currently I am feeling better this week after enjoying a scheduled “cheat meal” on Saturday. I ate a high about of carbs (sugars) and fats in the form of oats, chocolate and ice cream (I have a super sweet tooth!) to try and spike my insulin levels and boost the metabolism which is already increasing! Usually I enjoy food and can eat a great amount however my body made it very apparent that this huge intake of crap was not going to sit well and I struggled to enjoy it due to feeling full, bloated and a little sick. However, I had a great training session on Monday and put those extra calories to good use and pushed around a lot of weight and it felt awesome to feel strong again!

Food wise, as I mentioned earlier I have started to become hungrier throughout the day. A good sign the metabolism is picking up and as I said earlier, not quite hitting my fat intake for the day so hopefully with that small increase, I will feel a little more energised this week.

Cheat meal pending this weekend. I will track and see how my progress goes this week but if my current status is anything to go by, I looks like another one shall be scheduled for this weekend also, not complaining! It is also worth mentioning that deeper into prep I will potentially introduce a “re-feed” rather then a “cheat meal”. A re-feed for me is still consuming the foods I am currently eating just doubling macros and consuming more quantity to see how my body will respond to this.

EG: If my macros are – 1800 cals, 200p, 110c and 60f then a re-feed would mean I’d consume – 3600/3800 cals, 400p, 220-250c, 100-120f.

That is all from me this week. Beginning of week 4 and feeling good. As ever, any questions/queries with regards to my prep or personal training, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we will be more then happy to help. For any of my clients or anyone who is currently on their own weight loss journey, stay strong, keep motivated and lets smash another week and get closer to our goals!

author: Matt Williams


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