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The Road to The UKBFF 2017- Part 1

The Road to The UKBFF 2017- Part 1

JDP Trainer and Bikini body expert Scarlet Hollands talks about her first couple of weeks prep for The UKBFF 2017 competition.

Competitive fitness competitions over the past 5 years have boomed hugely and each year become more and more popular. I myself competed for the first time 1 and a half years ago when I was 23 at the United Kingdom Bodybuilding Fitness Federation (UKBFF) South Coast Championships 2015 where I competed in the Junior Bikini Category and placed 4th. This year I plan to debut into a new category, Fitness, which means more muscle, lower body fat and a 1 minute strength routine.

Scarlett Hollands Bikini Model, London, Personal Training

I have decided to blog my journey to the stage to document my progress hold myself accountable and to show existing clients and all of the readers interested what it takes and what is involved to step on stage in a bodybuilding competition so please follow my journey, I hope you find this interesting and perhaps learn along the way and if you have any questions at all, feel free to ask/contact myself or any of the trainers here at JDP Fitness and we will be more then happy to answer those for you.

Beginning Stats: Measurements:

Age: 25 Chest: 36.5”

Height: 5ft 7 (171cm) Waist: 30.5”

Starting weight: 75.9kg Bum: 42.5”

Current Weight: 74.3kg L Thigh: 25.5”

R Thigh: 25.5”

Macros: L Calf: 15.5”

R Calf: 16”

Calories: 1800 L Bicep: 13.75”

Protein: 200g R Bicep: 13.5”

Carbs: 130g

Fats: 55g

Scarlet 3

These are my current stats which I am at 14 weeks out from show day. I try not to rule my life on these numbers as for me it is simply a way to keep track on progress. The last thing I want to do is become obsessed with my measurements and allow it to have a negative effect on my prep. For me it is all about feeling confident and as a female we are only judged on aesthetics, symmetry, conditioning and performance. Our measurements, body fat % and weight are not taken into consideration on show day so it is simply a tracking process for me.

Fitness Category:

In female bodybuilding there are 4/5 different categories to compete in.

1. Bikini Fitness

2. Fitness

3. Body Fitness

4. Physique

5. Bodybuilding (Becoming less popular, some federations have eliminated this category)

All of the above categories are based on amounts of muscle mass and conditioning, bikini fitness being the lowest amount of muscle mass and highest body fat and of course the bodybuilding category meaning huge amounts of muscle mass and extremely low body fat.

Scarlet 1

I have spent the past 2 years building muscle to allow myself to progress to the next category, Fitness, primarily because I prefer the more muscly physique and secondly, because it allows me to perform a short solo which if you don’t already know, being and ex ballerina, this is something that hugely appeals to me and will allow me to start performing again.


The judges are looking for the following when judging the competitors:

1. Rounded, developed shoulders

2. Broad width of upper back into a small waist (we would call this a “V Taper”

3. Prominent abdominals and obliques

4. Quadricep definition and development

5. Hamstring definition and development

6. Rounded calves

All of the above combined with conditioning of the whole body (defined muscle and low body fat), posing/posture, performance, marketability and confidence. So as you can see it is quite a list of things to achieve but ticking all these boxes will potentially mean a win and progression to the next round – UKBFF British Finals, European Arnold Classic in Barcelona and the Diamond Cup.


My training program at the moment consists of x6 weight/resistance sessions per week and x6/7 40 minute LISS (low intensity steady state) cardio sessions per week. For me, I personally prefer to spilt my weight sessions into different body parts as this allows me to train each muscle in depth whilst allowing adequate recovery before the next session. I may change my sessions into a more generic Push, Pull, Legs split depending on progress over the next few weeks.

How I am feeling:

Any weight loss/fat loss program comes with ups and downs. It is very unlikely for people to breeze through a program feeling 100% the whole way through so I thought it would also be interesting to document my thought and feelings for you so you can see how the deeper into prep I go, the more of a mental and physical rollercoaster it becomes.

Currently I am feeling strong in regards to training. Not quite hitting my maximum weight on all my lifts but being in a deficit, my energy is a little lower and less fuel in the tank however still trying to push as heavy as I can every session for reps.

Food wise, starting to become hungrier throughout the day. This is a sign of my metabolism picking up and burning/utilising the food I consume which is a standard thing most competitors feel during prep and usually will only get worse the deeper into prep we go. I am by no means ravenous and wanting to eat the world … yet … but try not to eat too much yummy food in front of me!

Scarlet 2

Cheat meals are planned as and when my weight and body decides it is necessary. These are in place because 1. Being in a deficit for a prolonged period of time means your progress/metabolism may plateau to preserve what food you are taking in for survival rather then fuel so by allowing yourself a large intake of high sugars/fats/calories, it gives your metabolism a kick start to start burning food/fat effectively again. 2. To keep me mentally sane over the next 14 weeks! In the 3 weeks I have been prepping I have only had one cheat meal, pizza and a chocolate bar. I enjoyed this a lot!! I document my weight daily and from this I work out my average weekly weight

loss/gain and it is from this that I will decide as to whether a cheat meal is appropriate. If I keep going as I am, potentially this week will mean another cheat meal for me!

So, I hope this brief introduction has been interesting for you and given you a better understanding and insight as to what is involved with competing in bodybuilding shows. I plan to keep you updated every 2-3 weeks with my progress, stats, training and diet adaptations and how I am feeling. For now, it’s goodbye from me and hopefully you will follow my journey and keep me pushing to go for the win in April! I will also me documenting more photos on my Instagram (@scarlethollands) so feel free to follow me there also.


author: Matt Williams


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