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JDP Top trainer and bikini competitor Scarlet Hollands reveals her TOP 10 Bikini Girls.

Social media platforms, particularly in the fitness industry, are rapidly becoming an output in which we can all document our journeys and take inspiration from others. Whether thats from your avid gym goer or professional athlete. Its a vastly popular marketing tool used by many to promote themselves and/or businesses and it’s here we can take inspiration from like-minded ladies who have achieved success or are on their own journey to happiness.

I, myself, am a very active social media user and like many started my Instagram as a personal account to share photos with my close friends and family but as I delved into fitness and made my transition from ballerina to bodybuilder, my following began to grow and now as well a using my account to document my journey and progress, I use it to reach out to others, provide content to help ladies (and guys) kick start their journey or to inspire them to put in the effort and get their workout done. A large problem with social media, in particular Instagram, is many people only post their highlights and portray fitness as being all fun and games. In reality, this isn’t the case. A weight loss or muscle building journey is not a breeze, it has ups and downs all the time and everyone’s journey is so different. If these things were easy, why are most of our population morbidly obese? Surely if it was that simple everyone would be doing it?

Scarlet Hollands, Personal Trainer

I wanted to share with you some Instagram accounts that I have used to gain knowledge, perused to take inspiration to fuel a workout and to set my own goals and more importantly to know that we are all the same no matter of our status or profession we are all on a journey to better our health and wellbeing.

(In no order)

1. Rebecca Caydas (@rebeccalovesfitness)

Rebecca is a fellow UKBFF bodybuilder and personal trainer. She is probably one of the most “real” girls on Instagram. She documents her journey to the stage showing her ups and downs and on achieving her peak physique come show time, she is always shredded and conditioning is spot on. What she also documents and keeps very real is her off season physique/progress and promotes how maintaining a super lean and shredded body simply in not maintainable. She embraces her fuller body and uses it to build and grow into a bigger and better version of herself then she would have been at her last show. Her content is consistent and she puts up daily progress photos and workouts and its her drive and dedication which I find so attractive about this lady. If you want to see what true determination looks like, go follow this lady.

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2. Alice Liveing (@clean_eating_alice)

If you are looking for food inspiration look no more. This lady has what we would call the top #foodporn Instagram account. Her IG is bombarded with healthy recipes and delicious food that will definitely get you feeling motivated to cook up a healthy storm in the kitchen and keep you on track. The thing with any weight loss journey is many people really misconstrue how varied and delicious food can be. It doesn’t have to be just chicken and rice like many portray is has to be. There is a huge spectrum of great foods out there and 101 ways in which to prepare and cook them to make something unique and delicious and Alice is definitely a pro at doing just that. Her abs of steel just prove that eating clean doesn’t have to be boring! She has also just released her second book and her first cookbook, Eat Well Everyday and is reaching out to millions across the globe and I am sure her following of 483,000 would agree she is a great chef and creator of all things healthy.

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3. Hattie Boydle (@hattieboydle)

First things first, this lady is not just a bikini bodybuilder, as of last year she is the 2016 WBFF Pro Fitness Model World Champion. This Australian’s work ethic is second to none. Her small frame is beautifully complimented with an amazing muscular tone which off season she maintains healthily by eating well 90% of the time because she wants to, not because she has to. Its not just her amazing physique that you should watch this lady for, but if you are lacking gym motivation then have a look at how much weight this girl can throw around. She is an absolute powerhouse for someone her size and puts a lot of guys to shame! A very positive outlook on the fitness industry and great content to get that blood pumping and putting some work in in the gym!

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4. Karina Elle (@karinaelle)

Ok ladies, ultimate bikini body right here! Karina is an American fitness model and business woman with her own beach wear range. A huge advocate of health and wellbeing this comes across not only in her beautiful physique but her lifestyle. Eating well and training hard seems to be the answer for Karina. Not a fitness competitor or bodybuilder, Karina’s approach to food and diet is still structured but she knows how to enjoy herself with pizzas and pancakes thrown into the mix occasionally. Again, training content is consistent and motivating as she too, trains hard especially as she owns her own company and is a full time fitness model. Living proof that “not having enough time” is simply an excuse. Make time!

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5. Chloe Madeley (@madeleychloe)

Many of you many know Chloe as being TV presenters Richard & Judy’s daughter but she has also taken the fitness industry by storm. She has her own brand Fitness Fondue which is an online fitness website/blog and supplement store which she has also branched out into applications for portable devices. Chloe promotes a healthy lifestyle and mindset to achieve your fitness goals. Again, another lady with a superb bikini body who also wears her heart on her sleeve with regards to the ups and downs of clean eating/dieting and how it is ok to indulge and enjoy from time to time. She and her professional England rugby player boyfriend, James Haskell, also produce a comedic insight into their day to day lives inclusive of nutrition and workouts and this alone is highly entertaining yet at the same time educational.

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6. Alla Meijer (@allameijer_bikinifit)

Russian born Alla is another UKBFF Bikini Competitor and personal trainer which I have had the pleasure to compete with back in April 2015 where she also placed 1st in her first show. Nearly 2 years down the line and she has gone onto compete representing England in the European show Arnold Classic where again she placed 1st and in only 2 years won her Pro Card and became a professional IFBB Pro Bikini Fitness Competitor and is on the road to the prestigious IFBB Olympia in 2017. Mother of 2 children and her bikini body is probably better then most 21 year olds out there. Another lady who stays in great shape in and off season as she enjoys eating well

and training hard and nourishing her body with essential foods, vitamins and minerals. One to watch for sure and she is well on the road to stardom within the fitness industry!

Personal Training, Liverpool Street

7. Emily Skye (@emilyskyefit)

Founder of F.I.T (Fitness Inspiration Transformation) program which is an internet diet and exercise cult that has taken the world literally by storm, transforming the lives on ladies around the world. Her social media is not only riddled with her gorgeous physique and washboard abs but exploding with fantastic food and recipe ideas as well as filmed content in the gym inclusive of resistance training, home bodyweight workouts and HIIT. Her 3 phase F.I.T plan is an online training program that is available to purchase and is a 4 week incremental exercise and nutritional plan designed to tone and shape your body inclusive of online support. Testimonials and client results are also posted on her IG to inspire other to achieve their goals.

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8. Misty Copeland (@mistyonpointe)

One of my ultimate favourites is professional ballerina Misty Copeland. The best thing about this lady is she goes completely against the grain. She has a hugely successful career dancing as a prima ballerina at the American Ballet Theatre and has embraced the more muscly physique, something that is not sought after in the ballet profession. Sponsored by and the face of the brand Under Armour, Misty can pull of anything with her long toned legs and broad defined back. As well as training 12 hours a day in the ballet studio and performing every night, Misty says pilates, swimming and cross training helps her maintain her sculpted physique when she is not in season dancing. Go check her out for body goals, her IG is packed with beautiful images of her dancing and working out and will leave you motivated to go and partake in the next available pilates class!

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9. Zanna Van Dijk (@zannavandijk)

Zanna is another name that has taken the fitness industry by storm and as well as being a PT, fitness blogger, fitness model, co-founder of the #girlgains movement, face of Addidas she is now a published author of her new book “Strong”. Zanna is renowned for being long and lean standing at a huge 6ft 2. She promotes health and wellbeing over anything else. She doesn’t compete, she doesn’t shred down super lean for fitness shoots but follows the 80/20 rule and eats good and nourishing foods 80% of the time while enjoying her indulgences also. She came into the industry a tall, lanky girl and has build herself up to be toned and lean. As well as resistance training, Zanna is a huge fan of time-effective HIIT training which she does often to maintain her lean frame. Her skills in the kitchen are second-to-none. Her new book is full to the brim with delicious recipes from breakfast muffins, courgette frittatas to protein pancakes and bliss balls. Zanna makes her food exciting and appealing so if you are stuck for healthy food ideas, look no further.

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10. Paige Hathaway (@paigehathaway)

Last but not least, miss Paige Hathaway. Paige is another American fitness model and her social media is mostly focused on letting you in on her daily life. Her training is resistance focused and she often like to collaborate with other fitness models/bodybuilders in the industry to provide her audience with different peoples approaches to training and also random facts and fun with these names she collaborates with. Paige is known for maintaining her lean but healthy frame and works hard to push her body to its maximum. She is very much a personality and this comes across on her social media. She helps educate her audience while having fun and this makes for a great watch.

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