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Struggling to find motivation for 2017?? Maybe you can take inspiration from one of our top trainers.

Last week we talked about 6 New Year’s Resolutions that will actually make a difference. Today I wanted to give you a bit of perspective on this by talking about some of the JDP Teams goals for the coming months. Now I’m not expecting every one of you reading this to want/ need to go as extreme as us. However, it will make a real difference to achieving something in 2017 by having a clearly defined goal.

Scarlet Hollands- Taking the stage by storm

Scarlet discovered her love for Bikini competition after a successful career in classical ballet. Following a year of gaining some quality muscle she is ready to go and compete again in early 2017.

So what does that mean?? Bikini/ physique competitions are a fantastic display of the ultimate dedication to body composition. Competitors will spend 12- 16 weeks putting themselves through extreme prep, with exercise and diet, to achieve remarkable feats of body composition. They will then all step on stage for the judges to decide who has the best most symmetrical physique.

Scarlett Hollands Bikini Model, London, Personal Training

Scarlets prep is well underway and she is looking great already.

You can follow Scarlets daily progress by following her Instagram @scarlethollands

Jackson Hinch- World Champion??

Jackson discovered his love of Strength Training at an early age. Following a successful season last year, World Champion, he is back to lift even more in 2017.

Jackson is well underway to training for his next competition as an elite level powerlifting. Powerlifting is a competitive sport consisting of three lifts- squat, deadlift and bench. You get three attempts at each lift, with the winner being the person who creates the highest total from the 9 lifts.

Personal Trainer, Liverpool Street

You can follow Jacksons daily progress by following his Instagram @beast_builder

Matt Williams- Beginner to competitive

Matt is looking for a new challenge in 2017 inspired by Jackson.

As for me I wanted a new challenge in 2017. Having spent most of my life training for a career in classical ballet weight training was always used as a supplementation to my day. Since becoming a personal trainer I have helped other people, and myself, to achieve dramatic physical transformations. Now I am looking to get competitive in early 2017. Jackson has managed to talk me into taking part in my first Powerlifting competition. This will enable me to get stronger and to gain a little bit more muscle mass. I will be taking part in a novice competition in February. I will let you all know how I get on.

Personal Trainer, Liverpool Street

You can follow Matts daily progress by following his Instagram @mattino22


As I said in the beginning having a New Years Resolution does not need to be something as all consuming as the three of us are attempting. But by having a significant target you are much more likely to achieve that goal. Be that just spending an extra hour a week playing with the kids and not running out of energy, or your first ever 5k, we all need to start somewhere. As you can see from the above all three of us are focussed on consistency over a 12- 16 week period. There are no shortcuts. If you can commit to consistently working towards a clearly defined target you will one day reach that goal.

If you want any advice on where to get started then why not get in touch with a member of the team today.

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