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Read all about JDP Trainer Jackson Hinch’s experiences at the Powerlifting world championships.

JDP Fitness’ own Jackson Hinch spent last week in Serbia competing in the Powerlifting World Championships. For those of you unfamiliar with Powerlifting it is, for most people, agreed to be the ultimate test of strength. Competitors will compete to see who can compile the highest overall total from three lifts- Squat, Deadlit and Bench Press. Jackson’s account of the competition below is very honest and resonates with everybody in day to day life. Sometimes things don’t go our way, but its our reaction and how we respond to that, that shapes who we are.


“Last week I competed at the GPC Powerlifting World Championships in Knjaževac, Serbia. It was a fantastically run competition, in one of the best venues I have ever competed in, and is not an experience I will soon forget.

Coming away with 1st place in my class, a Gold medal and the title of GPC U110kg World Champion some may consider my performance a great success.

Which to an extent it was. Being my own harshest critic and knowing what I am capable of, as of right now, I know a fell short of what was possible.

Coming away with my lowest Total in the last 12 months of 785kg, made up of a 295kg Squat, 190kg Bench Press and 300kg Deadlift, I was well off numbers I have hit in the past, and only lifting about 90% of what I am capable of at the moment. Which while still being good enough for the win at this competition, I am a very competitively minded athlete and would rather lose performing at 100%, than win performing at 90%. Although in 10 years time, people remember placings and medals, not numbers and totals.


Further down the line I will likely look back on this competition and laugh at how the disappointment I have come away with, as in the grand scheme of things it is just a stepping stone towards greater things next time around. Experience is invaluable.

I learnt a lot about my lifting and performance, about competing internationally, and about powerlifting in general.


There was quite a few circumstances stacked against me this time with the less than ideal sleeping patterns and bedding, equipment I wasn’t used to lifting with, unusual food and lack of ability to prepare food, I missed making the U100kg weight class so had to move up a weight class to the U110kg class but in doing so had to hold a dehydrated and depleted state for about 48 hours, all of which is really less than ideal at these elite levels of competition. Also I discovered that I was really hampering my recovery during my prep trying to hold my bodyweight down to make weight so I was relatively restrictive with food, which when you’re putting demands on your body like I am isn’t a great idea either!

Although I am disappointed in my performance, I am happy to come away with the win and the medal to match, and also all of the experience and learning that has come along with it.

Also standing atop the podium with the New Zealand national anthem playing has to be one of the proudest moments of my life to date, it was the first time but definitely not the last!!

Jackson Hinch Personal Trainer London

It’s never win or lose in my books. It’s win or learn, we grow from our mistakes and learn from our failures, they only turn into losses if you stop trying and quit learning. In my case this time around it was like win and learn though !

You can be sure I’ll take this all back to the drawing board and be back bigger, stronger and all round better athlete next year!!”

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author: Matt Williams


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