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Long Term Client Mary trained with JDP prior to her pregnancy. Here we look at her training pre and post baby.


Mary had been training with JDP Fitness for 1 year when she fell pregnant for the first time. Mary is hyper mobile and was utilising her training with JDP to increase her strength and develop solid movement patterns that would counteract her desk based day job. When she discovered she was pregnant she was unsure if she would be able to continue her training. However, after a long consultation with our PRE/ POST Natal specialist Matt they devised a training schedule that would prove to be very beneficial for her during her pregnancy.


Staying active in the lead up to giving birth provides numerous health benefits to yourself and your baby. They include, reduced stress, increased energy, better physical health for the birth and enabling you to bounce back faster after the birth of your child. Pregnancy can sap your energy, but regular bouts of exercise will help you get through your daily tasks or cope with a demanding schedule. Likewise regular exercise has been shown to increase levels of serotonin, a brain chemical linked to mood, putting you in better spirits.

Personal Trainer, Liverpool Street.


During our training, we focused on the areas that would be in most demand during her pregnancy. Therefore it was particularly important to focus on strengthening the body to deal with an addition of weight that comes with having a baby. Increasing strength through the lower back and focusing on posture in the upper spine is important to reduce back pain being often experienced later on in the pregnancy. It is also essential to develop strength through the core and posterior chain to counteract the effects of pregnancy. We achieved this through squat variations, deadlifts and core training.

One advantage Mary had was Matt’s experience as a professional Ballet dancer. His experience in ballet, pilates and posture is crucial for anybody training whilst pregnant. When pregnant the body releases a hormone called relaxin which leads to ligaments around the joints become more relaxed. This is a benefit during the act of child birth but can be very dangerous when exercising or sitting for long periods of time. This is why it is imperative to focus on posture in the lead up to the birth.

As important as exercise is, it’s also crucial to understand the limitations of the body during pregnancy. There are certain positions that should be avoided by pre- natal ladies to avoid any danger to the baby. It is also important that exercise intensity and duration is closely monitored to ensure that the body is not placed under too much stress. Mary understood this and felt that having a Personal Trainer was essential to her exercising safely and effectively in the lead up to the birth of her first child.



Crucially, for some females, by being active prenatal it will make the process of returning back to full fitness post pregnancy much easier. Provided that clearance is given by your doctor post- natal exercise is strongly recommended and can provide many of the benefits of training pre-natal for example increased energy and reduced stress. Post- natal training is important for helping to build your posture, core strength and pelvis floor up after having a baby. This can be achieved through movement and resistant based training but again it is important to monitor intensity and duration. The female body post pregnancy has an increased range of motion and flexibility so it is important to focus on correct posture and core strength to ensure no long standing aches and pains develop.

Mary resumed training with Matt 6 weeks post a natural birth. Already within two months of training again she is back to pre pregnancy weight and her performance in the gym is equal to pre birth. If anything her posture and technique is better now that she has spent the last year developing and focusing on these areas. Throughout her pregnancy Mary has suffered from very little lower back pain which she has credited to her training with Matt. But don’t just take our word for her. Here is what she had to say.



“My workout regime with you is why I’ve been able to bounce back so quickly!”

“Matt trained me through my pregnancy, making sure that I maintained and even enhanced my fitness. I know that I’ve been able to bounce back much quicker due to his guidance. I had a great time with Matt and look forward to resuming full training with him”

If you or anybody you know is seeking guidance for training during their pregnancy then make sure they get in touch here for a FREE consultation with our specialist Matt. 


author: Matt Williams


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