JDP Fitness guide to the top 10 protein shakes.

Protein Shakes: The 10 Best Protein Powders in The Market Today

If you’re confused about what protein is best for when, for what and how much is required, you’re probably not alone, however, Lead trainer and founder of JDP Fitness, Jason Patmore, gives his verdict on the best protein shakes on the market to help you finally get to grips with probably the most important part of your post workout routine.

Wherever you’re a top athlete, a casual gym goer or a beginner learning the ropes, protein is an essential part of the whole experience.

Protein helps rebuild and repair muscles that have been damaged in your gym session.

It is also an integral part of hormone production and regulating your metabolism.

1. Optimum Nutrition Gold standard Whey Protein

There are few Supplement companies I trust. But ON is defiantly up there with the best! When they produced they’re Gold Standard Whey Protein, I had to try it. I wasn’t the disappointed. Easy to mix, 20 flavors to choose from and it’s formed from the purest form of whey (whey protein isolates) This protein shake is defiantly up there with the best of them.

Optimum Nutrition Gold standard Whey Protein


2. Muscle Tech Whey Isolate Muscle Builder

Muscle Tech Boast that this Protein shake is the ‘Most powerful protein formula’ ever developed. It also builds 70% more lean muscle than regular whey protein, due to the 3g dose of Creatine in every serving! It serves 30g of protein per scoop and just like ON Gold Standard it uses Whey isolate & peptides as a primary source, which are the cleanest sources of protein.


Muscle Tech Whey Isolate Muscle Builder

3. JDP Fitness Premium Whey Protein

JDP Fitness Whey Protein is for Gym goers who want to add lean muscle and to help Fat loss. They say this due to their low carb mix. It also boast an excellent amino acid profile, this includes high levels of both glutamine and BCCA. Great taste and easy to mix. This is up there with the best!

JDP Fitness Premium Whey Protein

4. BSN Syntha 6

BSN have produced SYNTHA-6, an ‘ultra-premium’ protein supplement designed to be tasty as well as providing high-performance protein

  • Useful pre-workout, post-workout or at any time throughout the day
  • It delivers a multifunctional protein formula that ensures an athlete’s muscles a quality supply of amino acids
  • Real milkshake taste and texture

BSN Syntha 6

5. Reflex 100% Whey

Reflex is known for good quality products, and their basic protein powder is no different. With high levels of Branched Chain Amino Acids per serve and no additional sugars, soy proteins or amino spiking you’re guaranteed a quality product. With only a 70% protein content you can see why it is the entry level protein offered by Reflex and the lack of multiple options when it comes to flavours at this stage may be enough to make you look elsewhere.

Reflex 100% Whey

6. MyProtein Impact Whey

MyProtein is easily the biggest supplement supplier in the UK. Their affordability is second to none. Being able to order and have your product delivered the next day also provides a great convinience factor. Packing 82g of Protein per 100g, it is a great basic whey protein supplement for snacks or post workout nutrition. Well rounded and available in a huge variety of flavours, MyProtein Impact Whey is a go to for many gym junkies.

MyProtein Impact Whey

7. MusclePharm Combat Powder

MusclePharm’s protein powder comes with a unique formula of proteins including Whey Isolates, Hydrolyzed Whey, and Whey Concentrates. This blend is designed for a steady release of proteins into your system to keep your muscles fed for up to eight hours ! Being quite expensive most people will opt for a different option, however the unique formula may be worth the extra outlay to fit your nutrition around your busy training and work schedule, and makes for a very versatile protein that can be used for pre or post workout, pre bed snack or as an addition to any meal during the day to boost your bodies anabolism.

MusclePharm Combat Powder

8. Precision Engineered Whey Protein LEAN

Precision Engineered’s product comes with added value for those looking to maintain or build a lean, toned physique. While the protein concentration is quite low when compared to other products, with only 20g per 30g serve, there are a few added ingredients to help with your summer diet or to keep your appetite at bay in between meals. Boasting increased fibre content for increased saiety, high levels of Branched Chain Amino Acids, and added Green Tea Extract, CLA and L-Carnitine, it is easy to see why this would make a great addition to an already calorie restricted diet and help you burn more body fat for the results you want.

Precision Engineered Whey Protein LEAN

9. Arnold Series Iron Mass

Putting on quality size is an area a lot of people struggle with, whether it’s getting enough calories in or making sure these calories are coming from the right sources, mass building stumps a lot of gym goers. Iron Mass provides the best part of 500 quality calories per serving coming from a range of healthy fats, complex carbohydrates and instead of the typical whey protein it is packed with beef proteins. With such an array of nutrients and the mass-friendly macros, it keeps your body fed with an easy surplus of calories on top of your normal diet throughout the day. Added digestive enzymes and low sugar formulation that makes this a great addition to a mass gaining phase of training.

Arnold Series Iron Mass

10. Pulsin Pea Protein Powder

Given the rise in awareness surrounding the environment, many people have opted for a vegetarian or vegan diet. This can make it hard to get enough protein into fuel recovery in between hard weight sessions. Pulsin have made a vegetarian/vegan-friendly protein powder made from 100% wholegrain brown rice. Offering up an 80% Protein content and only 10% Carbs with literally zero Fat it seems as though it keeps up with its whey or beef sourced counterparts. The amino profile of rice protein is incomplete, though, so to get the full benefit having it with a meal that contains beans, legumes, nuts or soy protein sources such as tofu, will create a far more complete amino profile and make the proteins overall a lot more bioavailable for your body to use.

Pulsin Pea Protein Powder

author: jasonpatmore

I am a Personal Trainer and coach based in Liverpool Street.


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