Afternoon all! We’re happy to confirm that Jackson will be joining our team from September 2016. Jackson will be joining us from Gymbox Bank where he has been personal training for the last 3 months, since arriving in the UK from NZ.

His style is influenced predominantly by strength training, and Jackson is a world standard competitive Powerlifter. Jackson will be heading to the world championships in Serbia in 5 weeks to represent New Zealand and of course JDP Health & Fitness.

How This Affects You

We’ve upped our game, and now we can provide all of you with an even greater level of expertise!

Think about it…

What is fitness?

Moving well? Being strong? Having a good mindset? Fitness involves a range of aspects which are both physical and mental. On the training side, each coach has their own philosophy which shapes their approach towards how they train themselves and clients.

With the addition of Jackson to the team, we can now offer personal training to those who especially enjoy strength training, as well as anyone who is interested in top level conditioning. However, this style of training isn’t just for athletes and people who play sport. Strength training is a great way to promote fat loss and improve body composition. Jackson has had great success in the past with his clients who have never been in a gym before to transforming their physique.

Here’s a recent Q&A with our new addition

Personal Trainer, Liverpool Street

Q: How did you get into fitness?

A: From a young age I was always busy trying my hand at any sport I could. With my Mum being a solo mum it made it more difficult than I could comprehend at that age, but I’m forever grateful that she made it work for me.

I played various team sports, excelling at a select few. Volleyball, Badminton and Field Hockey were the three I focused on and did the best at, sitting around 60-62kg I was fast and mobile, although must have been the only New Zealand kid who didn’t play Rugby !

After getting a membership at the local gym for my 16th birthday I began weight training, initially it helped my physique and the sports I was already playing.

From there weight training began to become what I enjoyed the most and I began looking forward to hitting the gym more than anything and wished I had more time during the week to fit it in around my other sports.

Shifting cities for school I missed out on trialling for the school Badminton team, which gave me a lot of extra time to hit the gym, a personal trainer at the gym I was going to was looking for a reliable training partner and asked me if I wanted to train with him. It’s all history from there. I became amazed at how rewarding weight training and conditioning was. There was no shortcuts, all my effort, discipline and willpower completely transformed my physical appearance and with it my mental attitude and approach to life.

After experiencing this for myself I decided that helping people along the same journey that I was helped along was what I wanted to do for a career.

Long story but that is how I became completely immersed in fitness and a healthy lifestyle.

jackson 2

Q: Suppose you were on death row, what would you request for your last meal?

A: Going completely against what most people would expect, I have an insatiable sweet tooth, but am a man of simple pleasures.

I would ask for Ice Cream and Donuts.

The more the better ! And any flavour except Strawberry..

Q: What’s your favourite exercise?

A: My favourite exercise would have to be the Deadlift.

To me there is nothing simpler than picking up something heavy off the ground.

You either pick it up or you don’t, there’s no questions asked. You can half rep a Squat, you can bounce a Bench Press, you can swing up a Curl, and try and argue that these count as reps, but you can’t really cheat a clean Deadlift.

It is the greatest test of pure strength in my opinion, involving literally every muscle in your body.

Q: Which type of clients have you worked with? 

A: In the past I have worked with a wide variety of clients. I have successfully trained complete beginners who have just taken their first step in a gym, but I have also succesfully trained advanced athletes who have been into sport and fitness their entire lives.

My specialty lies in Strength and Conditioning, I have trained Rugby Players (High School 1st XV through to Provincial Level Players), Bodybuilders, Powerlifters, Track and Field Athletes (National Level Sprinters and Jumpers, International Level Throwers, some may recognise the name Tom Walsh who just won Bronze in Rio), Field Hockey Players, Netball Players, you name a sport I’ve likely coached someone in the gym who plays said sport.

Along with this, I have also worked with Special Needs Teens, Retired Professionals, Middle Aged Parents, Office Workers, people from a wide range of lifestyles and all at various levels of fitness with differing amounts of time they can commit to getting to where they want to get physically.


Q: Favourite beer?

A:Working as a bartender back in school to keep me busy I really should have a better answer to this, but I’m not much of a drinker these days around training and all.

I would have to say out of any beer, a ice cold Heineken goes down really well.

Would you like to ask Jackson any further questions? Email with any questions you may have.

In the meantime, if Jackson’s background interests you, why not get in touch to book a consultation and free training session with him.


author: Matt Williams


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