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Harnessing the Olympic Spirit

Harnessing the Olympic Spirit

Here is our guide to harnessing the Olympic spirit to boost your own health and wellbeing.

With just a few days to go until the start of Rio 2016 has the Olympic spirit inspired you to focus on your own fitness? We’ll admit it: Our daily dose of couch indulgence is sure to go up significantly next week as we become engrossed by all the action. But the incredible feats of the world’s greatest athletes also have us eager to test our own abilities.

Here is our guide to harnessing the Olympic Spirit to boost your own health and wellbeing.

Pick your Event

Imagine you’ve just won gold. What sport was it for? Maybe you’ve always wanted to ace a tennis opponent, but have never picked up a racquet. Adding a new sport to your fitness regimen could be a fun way to take a break from the gym while crossing something off your life to-do list. Even if you’d prefer to stick with an existing passion, choose an area of focus. If you’re a swimmer, define a stroke or a distance you’d like to improve, and you’ll feel great when you see your results. Your event could even be something as simple as a 12 week physique transformation. Set yourself a target and then award yourself a gold, silver or bronze medal as a reward for your achievements.


Join a Team

Even if your team name isn’t the same as your country, it’s still an excellent source for motivation. Teammates are not only an automatic support system, but friendly competition. Training for your next 10K with a group could help shave a couple minutes off your time and expand your social network.



So maybe you can’t represent your country in Rio, but you can proudly represent a cause you care about. Choose a walk or race that donates profits to a charity, and sign up with a group of friends.  Even if you represent yourself by challenging yourself in terms of fat loss. For every pound you lose you can donate a pound to charity. That way you are justifying your hard work and benefiting a good cause.

Break Records

Leave the world records to the Olympians, and work towards a personal best. All you’ll need to borrow from the athletes in Rio is a dose of determination. Set challenging yet realistic fitness goals so you can surpass them. If you want to improve overall upper-body strength, separating your goals into measurable categories (such as number of consecutive push-ups and pull-ups) will help keep you on track and let you easily quantify improvement. Or head to your local running track or pool to see how your 100 meter time compares to those of the pros, and strive to get faster over the next month.

Once you break a personal record, set the bar even higher!


Eat like an Athlete

To make it to the Olympics, athletes not only train their bodies and their minds to perfection, they must hone in on their nutrition, too. They know that what they eat can make a difference in Olympic gold.

Eating a healthy diet sufficient in nutrients and calories to fuel training is the key component and may just be the deciding factor in that tenth of a second that distinguishes a gold medal from silver. These athletes know firsthand how to eat and drink for optimal performance and recovery, and their tips can help you, too.

To eat like an Athlete ensure you:

Eat breakfast daily,

Try to eat Organic,

Eat small but frequent meals.

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author: Matt Williams


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