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Meet our client Sandra.

Meet our client Sandra.

Today we are looking at our client Sandra and the amazing 12kg weight loss she has achieved with PT Scarlet. 


American born Sandra found Scarlet after a lot of research online, in the hope to find someone that would finally help her achieve what she has longed for and that was not only a dramatic loss of weight but a change in lifestyle, to become stronger, healthier, fitter and most importantly to love herself physically, mentally and to ooze 100% confidence in herself!

Sandra’s Search

“I did lots of research online. I didn’t just want to hire someone by the hour. I wanted more of a complete package that looked at training, diet and then of course someone who would monitor my progress and make changes accordingly. I came across JDP Health and Fitness online and thought you had the most competitive rates, an ideal central location and great reviews and success stories from previous clients. I also wanted a female trainer and then Scarlet came on the scene.”

Setting up with Scarlet

Scarlet tells us all about how she got set up with Sandra.

“Nutritionally, Sandra was your typical yo-yo dieter. She had tried a number of diets over the years, some which would temporarily get her closer to the goal and some of which would last a matter of days/weeks. My priority was of course to give her a plan that would be suited to her lifestyle and something that she would adhere to and continue to maintain in the future. I calculated her personal macronutrients, full of foods which would benefit her health and compliment her training and fat loss program. The plan would change over the 12 weeks as she made progress to ensure she was fuelled effectively. She absolutely stuck to her plan and evidently this paid off as now she is literally half the person she was!

Training wise, albeit Sandra had a good base knowledge of resistance training, I stripped her back and we started from scratch to ensure we would nail her form and technique before progressing into heavier and more compound movements. Her initial session was time for us both to see where she was at, assess her strength, movement patterns, weaknesses to which then I could write a detailed program best suited for her and her goals. Sandra trained with me 3x week for 12 weeks and those sessions would typically be split into upper and lower body training. We also touched on a little HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) to attack some sessions with a more cardiovascular approach. Some weeks we would do what I call a “de-load” week, so taking the weights down and working on the more endurance/volume side of the spectrum just to give her body a little “active rest” from her heavy lifts but our predominate focus was to build her strength whilst defining her muscles and with diet dropping her overall body fat. Every session, without fail, Sandra would give 110% and it was a pleasure to watch her progress rapidly week on week! Before long, Sandra would turn up to her 07:00 sessions with a spring in her step and super eager to train, something I never expected from the self-conscious and shy lady I had met previously.”

The results

Sandra weighed in weekly and every 2-3 weeks Scarlet would have a check-in where she would take her measurements and discuss current progress to which then would lead onto her amending Sandra’s diet and/or training plans. Throughout, Sandra made steady and constant progress, continually surprising both herself and Scarlet and she absolutely achieved more then they both had expected!  To this date she had lost a staggering 12kg in such a short period.

They are still working together and for the next 10 weeks they have new goals set and different plans in place to help Sandra continue and grow as an individual so do watch this space and we look forward to filling you all in in another 10 weeks time!

author: Matt Williams


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