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Post Easter HIIT Blast

Post Easter HIIT Blast

To combat the damage of the past few days then why not try this home bodyweight workout? We have given you a HIIT workout as this will give you more bang for your buck. In a 30 minute workout you can burn up to 500kcal as will as increasing your fat burning potential throughout the day. But remember to make the work intervals intense and the rest periods short. You should be blowing by the end of your 30 minute session.

How to do this workout

This workout will take you 30 minutes. Use the first 5 minutes to get nice and warm. This can be achieved by a short jog outside or by using some dynamic movements. Work through bodyweight squats, lunges and press ups to get your body ready for the workout ahead. Don’t work at full intensity and work gently through the movement patterns.

During the workout section follow the exercises below. Work flat out for 30 seconds before taking a 15 second rest. Do each exercise one after another. This is one round. You should aim to complete 3 rounds in the time.

To finish cool down with some static stretches to focus the body on recovery.

The workout 

1) Bodyweight Squat 

2) Press up 

3) Mountain climber

4) Alternate Lunge

5) Bicycle Crunch 

6) The Plank 

If you have enjoyed this workout why don’t you book in for a complimentary HIIT workout with our new trainer Scarlet.

author: Matt Williams


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