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Did you pass or fail??

Did you pass or fail??

Believe it or not we are now just over 12 weeks since you started your NEW YEARS RESOLUTION. Did you pass or fail??

Did you pass or fail??

Of course thats a too simplistic view to take, did you pass or fail? However, after 12 weeks you should have a pretty good idea of whether that resolution was a realistic aim or not and whether you have been able to stick to it.

This was put into full focus the past Saturday when our brave 12 week transformation package clients stepped in front of the camera for a celebratory photoshoot. After 12 weeks of hard work inside and outside the gym they captured their hard work under the great supervision of Simon from SNH Foto.

The results were fantastic and we can’t wait to receive the official photos. But the key to all of this was dedication to a plan. As the phrase goes, if you fail to prepare you prepare to fail. Their bespoke plans didn’t just give them every detail of their training but of all elements of their life outside of the gym. Training takes just 60 minutes a day. It is what you do in the other 23 hours that make the difference.

I can safely say I think they all passed the test.

We will be discussing more in detail over the next few weeks the steps they took to transform their lives inside and outside the gym. But I think it is safe to say that they noticed not just a difference in their physical appearance but in their attitude and confidence levels too.

However, what happens if you feel you are failing. First things first. Don’t panic. It is only just April so there is plenty of time still left to transform this year into the best yet.

The first thing I would recommend is to create some kind of structure and a plan to rectify the problem. My New Years Resolution this year was to read more books. So far this year I have read ZERO!! So what am I going to do about it. I have put aside some time each week to devote to nothing else but reading. Like this I will still hit my target of 12 books this year.

I am confident that I can finish this year having passed the test. Make sure you do too.

author: Matt Williams


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